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Hello May!

May has crept up on me all of a sudden, after the busiest month I can remember – it has been full on and I’m just happy to be on the other side. We’ve been on the go so much that I’ve been the worst friend and family member, rarely replying to messages at all but the whole time kept reminding myself that ‘this too shall pass’. Such a lot has happened that I almost don’t know where to start but one thing is for sure – life just got a little bit exciting!

The main difference this month is I’ve made a change to make me happier. Sometimes you know when something isn’t right and you have to take the plunge and try something different. This is where I am now, scared whether I’m doing the right thing but knowing that for my happiness and everyone around me, this is the right thing for us. Only time will tell I guess, but for now let’s see what April had in store for us..

On the Blog

5K Giveaway. I decided to host a giveaway because I reached 5,000 followers on my Instagram feed recently and was so chuffed at the brands that said they’d like to work with me. I wanted to feature products that I truly love so I’m excited to be collaborating with Don’t Buy Her Flowers, Cafe of Curiosities for their mug & tote bag and the gorgeous The Paperdashery stationery, plus much more! Head on over and enter our competition if you fancy, it’s live until 14th May.

Instagram 5K. A little bit of repetition there but I was proud to say the least to reach 5,000 followers. It kind of amazes me to think that many people read my rambly captions every day – thank you for the support over there!

Britmums Snapshot Feature. It’s always such a highlight to be featured on a Britmums round-up and this one was such a lovely surprise. There were so many gorgeous pictures who entered this round-up and I was delighted to see ours featured as part of the ‘Blue’ theme.

At Home

Emma is two. The huge event of the month was Emma’s 2nd birthday and we had such a wonderful time celebrating. I felt quite emotional about this birthday as she seems to have grown up all of a sudden and is chattering so much more. Our baby girl is getting all grown up…

I left my job. I’ve been building up to it for a while but last Friday marked the last day in my job and the beginning of making a go of this freelance thing. I’m finding it hugely exciting and immediately a weight has been lifed from my shoulders – no more commuting and chaotic to’ing and fro’ing for a while.

New Routines. Part of the new beginning means that we have a completely new routine now. I’ll be around more and Emma will be going to nursery 3 times a week (at the moment she goes 2 days only) – I hope she’ll be okay with the new change but something tells me she’ll love it.

Emma first nursery report. The other day, we got an envolope when Emma came home from nursery and it was her developmental report. I’ve known for some time how well she is doing but it was so lovely to read all the little things about her progress…including that she can drink from a beaker without any help! Hmm how come she doesn’t do that at home?!

Things to Look Forward to

Stay and Explore Weekend in Leicester. We have a review weekend coming up and are heading to Leicester to review an adventure weekend with James and Emma. I hope it will be a good one as we have tickets to go and explore whichever activities we choose, from safari parks to zoos and also a water park too.

Quality Time. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. For the past few months, life has been on fast forward and it’s now time to slow it down and enjoy a little more. I can’t wait!

My Birthday. I never usually make much of a fuss over my birthday but it is in 9 days time. My other half has insisted on organising something for me with my best friends and I’m so grateful. I’ve not been the best friend lately and it’ll be lovely to spend time together.

So that’s our April summed up and can’t wait to see what the next month has in store! Have you got anything exciting planned for the month?


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