Dear Emma, aged 15 months

Dear my Daredevil Emma,

Today I looked back at the letter I wrote to you on your 1st birthday and I cannot believe how much you’ve grown in 15 months. It sounds so cliche, but I really don’t notice day to day…your legs keep growing every day and your hair is becoming longer and curlier – but those wide eyes are still just as wide, soaking everything in.

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You started walking three weeks ago and ever since, I see that it makes you feel so proud of yourself. Almost like all these months, you’ve been watching as everyone around you moves around so quickly and were wondering how you can do that too. You took your first step at 13 months, but waited a few weeks more and then rocketed! Now Mummy has to be very careful indeed as you can climb anywhere (up the stairs, in the washing machine, round the back of the couch as you try to wedge yourself through a tiny gap) in just a few seconds. We call you a Daredevil as you have no fear whatsoever to climb the stairs or lurch off the bed, but your favourite is belly flopping on the bed. The sound of your laughter when Mummy copies your belly flops is the best sound in the world.

My favourite time of the day is in the mornings. I bring you to our room for a play on the bed and then later we cuddle up together on the sofa as we watch a bit of TV. Sometimes you look at me to check I’m still watching! I really treasure those moments as I know even at your age, you’re starting to want to be more independent from your Mummy and Daddy.

We’ve seen over the last few months how much you love cats and dogs. The excitement on your face is so amazing to see and I only wish our house would allow for a little pet as I know you’d love it. I still get a bit scared when you want to stroke them in the park as I’m not sure how they take to babies…but the ear-to-ear smile on your face makes me realise that I have to let go of that anxiety a little bit.

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Summer is just beginning but it also reminds me that we are edging closer to when you will start at nursery. I am so excited for you as I know you will love it – I see how much you adore other kids. My worries are if something happens and the key workers don’t know you well enough to respond, or that you can only say a few words so can’t express yourself vocally yet. I know I have to let go of these worries a little too.

You are a beautiful girl, who although she has inherited both Mummy and Daddy’s stubborn temper, loves to be cheered on for doing something new. Your love for your cuddly toys has grown and every day you reach into the cot to grab Nelly and Babs to play with them. You get excited at the weekends when the boys are with us and we have seaside fun together…we all love you very much and can’t wait for the months to come.

Love, Mum xxx

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