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5 Tips to Display Your Family Photos

Photography is something I’ve fallen in love with this year – I can’t explain why but I became a bit obsessed with taking photos of every inch of our lives. It started as a worry in the mind that I would forget those tiny, every day details and now I’m so glad I did as we have a bank of digital memories ready to print out. On the same theme, I’m happy to publish this guest post with 5 top ways you can display your photos around the house:

I put together these tips after spending my days annoyingly snapping photographs of my own partner, our friends, our house and our adventures together, in hope to capture those feelings in a forever time capsule. These moments, frozen in time are hidden in all areas of my house. In fact, there is not enough wall space to be able to have these photos hanging on the wall, so I’ve had to come up with new innovative ways to share these moments, to relive them every day without cluttering our house.

Here are my top five ways to display your best snaps:

The Original | The Print

This is the original way to print and display your pictures, it’s a good place to start and it’s so easy to do. But if like me you’re looking for new and innovative ways to display your pictures or you’ve just run out of wall space this isn’t exactly ideal. Take the traditional approach and have them printed at a photo printing store, or you could invest in a personal desktop photo printer. Try going for one that links to wi-fi and is compatible to any device-so that you can print photos from your smartphone or tablet. You could also invest in a portable smartphone printer, that’s small and easy to carry around – just saying. Once you’ve had your memories printed its time to pick the frame. This part is always fun and is a chance for you to be playful with the design you choose.

The Obvious | The Canvas

If you want to be a little extra with your photographs. To have them look like professional art pieces of your very own then it’s time to start printing on canvas. Canvas printing has a way of enhancing even the simplest of pictures, transforming it into a pure piece of art. The photo you have chosen will be printed onto the canvas and then stretched flat over a thick wooden frame. You could either opt for a print on a single canvas, or, the photo can be split between two canvasses, giving that extra creative feel. These also make for great gift ideas!

The Subtle | The Coaster

This was my favourite way to display my memories as it is super effective, super subtle and doesn’t take up that much time or space to achieve. Personalised coasters, which lay on the coffee table, and will undoubtedly be used and seen by guests – see mom.  Not only will your photos be seen, but they also now provide a use, no more sticky counter tops or coffee rings.

The Comfortable | Scatter Cushion

Another fun way to display your images is onto fabric it’s the best way to let your creative flare shine and the possibilities of things you could turn them into are endless. You could make scatter cushions out of them, pencil cases, cooking aprons or even lampshades. Going this allows you to hold those images in your hands, to carry them with you during work and to have them with you while you’re cooking. This is a fun and playful way to display your images not only around your home but out the home to.

The Editorial | The Table Book

Gone are the days of simple photo albums, no you have the power to create your very own coffee table book. Having all your favourite images, adventures and memories printed onto matt paper, and have it bound into a book. These books can lie on your coffee table for you and your guests to flip through. It just makes them all the more fascinating, when it’s all your own work!

Huge thanks for collaborating with us and I love these ideas for Christmas gift ideas and to give me the motivation to get our photos printed and onto the walls – our project for 2018.



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