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#LionessMama – Week 23 Round Up

Hello everyone and welcome to #LionessMama Round Up – I’ve been asked to temporarily stand in for the lovely Jade as she’s feeling a bit poorly at the moment. I was delighted as #lionessmama is one of my favourite Instagram communities with some fab pictures showing the perfect and imperfect photos. As Katie quite rightly says, you’re a Lioness Mama whether you have a full face of make up or just straight out of bed – we love seeing all your shots!

I loved having a look at all your photos and this week, Katie and I picked the theme of faces for this week and we have some gorgeous photos to share. My first pick is from This Glorious Life and such a beautiful shot of her little one looking down. She looking so thoughtful too!

Katie’s first choice comes from Whinge Whinge Wine with this lovely superhero shot – Fran’s pictures always stand out to me when I spot them on Instagram and loved this one too.

My next choice comes from Grumpy Mum Reviews with this fab shot! I love the facial expressions at trying toast for the first time – how wonderful, it looks like she’s really enjoying it.

Katie’s next choice is from Living with a Jude with this brilliant shot – what a face! What a brilliant moment captured – I wonder how this shocked expression came about…

My next pick is this one from Messy Wawa – such a gorgeous bath shot. It reminded me so much of my little one blowing raspberries at bathtime, such a lot of fun 🙂

Katie’s next pick is from Little Paper Swans – I love this beautiful feed, all the shots are stunning! This one particularly is such a happy smiley picture!

My final pick comes from Real Mum Reviews – I adore this photo, what a gorgeous squishy bubba! Just perfect and makes me miss those newborn days…

Katie’s final pick is such a gorgeous one from Fran Higham – I adore Fran’s feed too so do pop over if you haven’t had a look. What a gorgeous little lady, and reminds me of my little one’s unimpressed expressions!

Finally, my favourite pick from Katie’s feed is this one on the swings – we looooove the swings and I can feel little one’s excitement. Simply gorgeous!

Huge thanks again to Katie and Jade for letting me help out with their fab community – we love seeing your pictures and can’t wait til the next round-up.


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