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Beating The Game of Thrones Blues *Contains Spoilers*

You might have seen recently that we’ve become ambassadors for Netflix and as I’ve delved into it a bit more, I’ve become hooked on Game of Thrones too. Are you an addict and itching for the next series? Today’s guest post might provide a little inspiration for what you can do while you wait!

*CONTAINS SPOILERS* from Season Seven of Game of Thrones, you have been warned!

Are you one of the millions who now have to somehow find a way to cope with the absence of a new Game of Thrones episode every week? While the show certainly isn’t something that you can share with the kids, a trip to Belfast certainly is.

How much did you cheer when Petyr Baelish was finally brought to justice, having been beautifully played by Sansa and Arya Stark? I suspect a lot.

How weird did you feel watching Jon Snow and Daenerys together as Bran talked us through how they are aunt and nephew? Again, I suspect a lot.

Alas, that is it for another year. So, how are we supposed to cope in the meantime? How can Game of Thrones fans satisfy their itch while the producers finish the story and decide on who will claim the iron throne?

Game of Thrones Tour

Much of the show is filmed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and it is here where you can tour some of the setting of the popular fantasy series. Worry not about finding something that it family friendly as there is plenty to do in Belfast, while the tours themselves can be tailored to suit the audience.

Some of the settings that you can walk around include the Iron Islands, Renly Baratheons’ camp and Arya’s road out of King’s Landing and more. Although this still means that you will have to wait until next year to find out the fate of houses Stark, experiencing a behind the scenes look should at least quench some of your thirst for more.

Irish Countryside

Once you are finished on the tour, there is no better place than the glorious Irish countryside. We wholeheartedly recommend investing in a car hire package, especially if you are travelling as a family, and driving across the scenic routes that will take your breath away.

With weather permitting (it is Northern Ireland, after all), take the chance to bring a picnic along with you, and perhaps a ball or two for the little ones to play with. When the sun is shining, you will be hard pressed to find a better place to be than in the countryside just outside of the city of Belfast.

Crumlin Road Gaol

HMP Belfast, better known as Crumlin Road Gaol, is located in northern Belfast and is one of the top tourist attractions in the city. Visitors will learn about the local history surrounding the prison, why it closed down in 1996 after over 150 years and some of the prisoners that have been kept in custody within its walls.

Due to the details of the tour, a visit to Crumlin Road Gaol may not be for young ears, but teenagers and adults will be sure to enjoy a guided tour around the establishment, which includes a visit to the condemned man’s cell and the execution cell, where the majority of the 17 executions  took place.

Belfast Zoo

Something that all of the family can enjoy is certainly Belfast Zoo, which is home to over 1,000 animals across its 55 acres of land. The majority of species that are kept at the gardens are endangered in their own habitat, with staff doing their best to preserve and repopulate the wonderful creatures that are housed inside the zoo.

The zoo includes a children’s playground, souvenir shop and designated picnic areas allowing for families to spend an animal-filled day together before heading back into Belfast city centre.

With plenty of family fun, as well as a tour taking you around the Game of Thrones settings; visiting Belfast is the perfect way to wash away any blues that you are experiencing following the end of Season Seven.


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