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VLOG: A Family Holiday to Ireland

It’s funny the things you crave in your family life. People often ask me if it’s hard being a stepmum and I always tell them that’s it is not but in truth, one of the difficulties is that the four of us aren’t always under one roof. There are days when James is with his mum, and Emma misses him. We all miss him. But it makes holidays together all the more wonderful and special – time without work, school or nursery for us just to be together.

Last week, we flew to Ireland to see my other half’s family and it was the break we all needed. Is it because of the start of autumn that we all start to feel tired and a bit run down? I’m not sure, but that’s certainly how we’ve been feeling. I find it hard to switch off these days but getting away from our routine and spending time with family helped us all reconnect with each other and reminded me that I need to get away from my phone a little more.

As soon as we arrived, Hurricane Ophelia was on her way, so we settled in a enjoyed delicious food and lots of catching up while we waited for it to pass. Afterwards we made up for lost time shopping in the nearby town and visiting Galway, somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years. I could see the bond with Emma and her brother getting even stronger (if that was at all possible) and we came back flying high on Cloud Nine that the bump back to reality was hard.

Oh, and Emma met her auntie’s dog, who she was so taken by that Emma seems to now have an imaginary dog friend. I filmed quite a bit while we were there so hope you’ll have a watch of our holiday vlog – also live on our YouTube channel.

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  1. October 31, 2017 / 4:22 pm

    Bridget, what a wonderful time! Love those photos by the water and of Emma with the dandelion. We had a bit of difficulty getting back to reality after our recent trip (my latest post). Going to watch the video now.

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