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A Cruise Getaway: Is It Right For Us?

This is a collaborative post

Summer is approaching us, despite the torrential rain I can see out of my window, and so we’ve started planning for a getaway with the family. But how do we find the ideal family holiday to entertain not just a 2-year old toddler but also a 13-year old teenager? Then it struck me that a cruise might be our answer, so we have recently been looking into an Iglu Cruise. It seems the perfect solution: we all get to see a variety of places and there is plenty of room and activities for both children too.

lots of space & plenty to do

Back in my pre-children days, when life seemed so much simpler – I must have uttered something about cruise ships being too claustrophobic. But my opinion quickly changed when I visited my sister and brother-in-law who work on cruise ships as an acrobatic act. As I went on board for a cheeky look around and a spot of lunch with them, I was amazed by the sheer size of the ship. They had everything from shops, restaurants, coffee bars and a brilliant self-service food area that spanned an entire floor of the ship. I ate my words, and realised that my thoughts on it being claustrophobic could not be more wrong!

The one thing we struggle with as a family is catering to what both children want to do. Because of the large age gap, we often find ourselves splitting up so that James and Emma enjoy their time out equally. However on a family holiday, I was really keen to find something that we can enjoy together. The range of activities made me realise that this would be simple on a cruise ship, to have all the activities in the same place and not have to travel to get there.

toddler mealtimes made simple

As some of you know, Emma is a rather fussy eater; eating out just gives me the fear. I’m told this will ease in time but it makes the thought of going on holiday quite daunting. It’s not just the food itself but also the act of sitting in the same chair for a length of time that we struggle with. It’s comforting to know that the cruise ships have a large buffet-style area, where you can pick and choose your meals when you need to. The variety of food they have on offer is also a bonus, which will keep the boys happy too – who like their steak and burgers when we are away!

On a personal level, who doesn’t love holidaying somewhere with the biggest variety of food? I’m talking mixing up those cuisines to the max and multiple desserts. In fact, I can imagine that this could be rather dangerous territory for me and I may end up having 6 meals a day. But what a wonderful treat regardless, and anything that makes mealtimes hassle and tantrum-free has my vote.

exploring new places together

As so many parents know, when you have a baby you inevitably put that travel bug on hold for a while and focus on routines and hopefully sleep! It’s so heartening to find a holiday that makes it easy for us to discover places we’ve never been before. You arrive at the port and can make the most of your time there straight away, leaving all your luggage on board. Trust me – with the amount of things we have to bring with us on holiday, this is an absolute godsend.

Needless to say, my excitement for getting away for a little break together has been reignited, without feeling nervous about whether it might be more stressful than anything else. Because let’s face it, it’s never easy to jet away to a place the children don’t know and knock the routines out of sync a little. I’m really looking forward to planning our trip a little more and enjoying the summer sunshine together!

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