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5 Reasons Travel Makes Us More Creative

For this week’s Friday travel inspiration, I have something a little different – a guest post from Gude Hudson-Gool of The Paperdashery. Being a stationery addict, I have been a big fan of Gude’s business. What I didn’t expect is we also share a love for travel too. I’m always so interested in other people’s views on why they travel and what they get out of it too; travel is most definitely something I want Emma to experience too. Massive thanks to Gude for sharing her post on my blog too!

I love to travel, do you? That feeling of adventure and escape is so liberating! I love trying new foods, making new friends, learning more about the world & carving out time for myself.

One of the things I love most about travel, is that it allows me to be more creative. These are my top 5 reasons why I believe travel increases creativity for all of us.


On holiday we have spare time that is simply not available at home. We may have time waiting for a flight, bus or train. We may have time in the evening before we go out for dinner; time which we don’t feel obliged to spend cleaning the house, getting ready for work the next day or preparing a meal for the family. This additional time allows for more creativity.

Ibiza scrapbook more creative


Any new experience is inspiring. Travel provides us with a cultural experience that is different from our own and that is exciting. Architecture, landscape, nature, music, language and cuisine that is new to us can all provide a muse for creativity.

Travel is scientifically proven to increase our ‘cognitive flexibility’ by providing novel & challenging experiences*. Constantly exposing yourself to new things helps puts your brain in a primed state for learning.” When our brain becomes more flexible, or ‘plastic’, it is by definition more creative.

memory keeping

The experience of travel creates memories that we want to keep and share in a visual, creative way, often in an album, diary or scrapbook. I feel I need to scrapbook while travelling partly in order to process, or make sense of my experiences and of course to record all the new things I have seen, heard and tasted. Once I’m home with the holiday blues. I love to look through my scrapbook and photos with the kids to remind ourselves of the wonderful adventures we had (and to inspire us to plan the next trip)!

scrapbook more creative

a new perspective

Travel to another country provides another way of viewing life. By talking to others and seeing how they live, we gain a fresh perspective on life, which can trigger creativity. This is increased further by learning a new language, or trying to understand another’s religion or world view. As an atheist I am still able to appreciate the wonder & beauty of the Sagrada Familia, Wat Phra Kaew & Tikal.

mindfulness & awareness

When travelling, I become more mindful. I am aware of just ‘being’. My senses become heightened. Food is more flavoursome, colours more vivid. The feel of the sun and sea on my skin is intense. The smell of tropical flowers is heady and I am aware of the sound of cicadas and the crash of the ocean. The increased awareness of my senses provides more focus for creativity. I want to share my experiences with others. This is probably why I send so many postcards from holiday. I really do wish my friends and family could be there to share the full sensory experience with me!

travel the world more creative

Do you feel more creative when you travel? How do you use that creativity?

*Source: Scientific American

Author: Gude Hudson-Gool

Gude is the owner of The Paperdashery, an online stationery boutique supplying all you need to send happiness through the mail. She is also founder of the #MamaMail project (sending happiness to new mamas). Follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, or sign up to receive The Paperdashery newsletter.


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