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Sandy Beaches {The Ordinary Moments}

A friend of mine moved out of Brighton this week to about twenty minutes along the coast. While I love Brighton, I often find myself driving towards Worthing as I adore the beaches. It’s less crowded and there is so much space for Emma to run around. Perhaps it makes the whole beach trip out a less stressful for me but whatever it is, it’s one of our favourite places to be.

Since my friend has just moved that way – I took these pictures of Emma on Lancing Beach to share with her. With the colourful beach huts and a sandy shore, this is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve seen near to us. On this particular afternoon, it was windy and cold but Emma and I went to the beach anyway. We were all on our own on the beach – a first for a long time and spent a couple of hours walking on the rain-soaked sand.

This afternoon with more rain here in Brighton, it definitely feels cold and autumnal so I suppose we should get used to our soggy beach trips! But to Emma it’s all part of the fun and, as ever, the hard part is dragging her away when it’s time to go home…


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