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Bubbles {The Ordinary Moments}

When Emma was weeks old, I discovered that blowing bubbles is a magical formula that instantly makes her happy. She is fascinated with them and it’s something she’s always loved. We once saw a man on Hove high street with a giant bubble wand, and that was the highlight of an entire week. We spent lots of time together in the park, blowing bubbles until we finally upgraded to a bubble machine. Later Emma would tell me that she’s scared of the bubble machine (I’m not sure how that happened) so we were back to manual.

For many months, she has been trying to blow bubbles herself. It’s another mark of independence, that she doesn’t need Mummy or Daddy to do it for her. But he held the wand too close to her mouth and hadn’t quite perfected the gentle blow that it needs. I think in the learning process, she might have eaten quite a bit of bubble mixture! Until the other day, when she started blowing bubbles perfectly.

The look of satisfaction on her face was just amazing and I saw that look of concentration on her face that I’m so used to seeing. I could tell she was proud of herself, and I was so proud of her too. A simple thing that she had been trying to do for such a long time, but our little girl was beaming with pride.

“All myself Mummy”. Yes that’s right, she did it all by herself.


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  1. September 3, 2017 / 10:01 am

    Awww, gorgeous photos of Emma and who doesn’t love bubbles! Even as an adult you love bubbles, even though you might prefer the ones you find in the glass sometimes 😉

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