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39.4℃ {The Ordinary Moments}

Remembering the little things in our week is usually about the positivity – but this week our little toddler was struck down with a high temperature that kept rising at one point. I hate seeing her ill and although I saw it coming as she was a bit down in the dumps leading up to the high temperature, it still breaks my heart. So Emma has been off nursery since Wednesday and we’ve had five days of cuddles and Calpol while she starts to feel better.

As luck would have it, the bug has coincided with Emma’s big move up to the toddler room at nursery – something she’s been dreading a little. It’s a big move for Emma and her nursery friends as they are much more independent in the new group. It’s a good thing of course, as she is ready for the change. She was one of the bigger children in her old room and even though she’s going through a transition, I’m sure she’ll settle soon.

In the meantime, we had lots of tears at the drop off again, something I’ve not experienced since October last year. It’s always heartbreaking to see her upset and clinging to me like a crab. To hear those cries of “Mummy, don’t leave!” just pulled on my heartstrings a little too much and I ran back to the car to cry, feeling hugely guilty. It turns out that working from home makes it even harder when she doesn’t want me to leave her at nursery. It makes me feel more guilty…like I don’t ‘have’ to leave her there. Except I know it is the right thing to do.

The last few days, Emma’s been getting lots of sleep and I feel like she’s on the mend. We went to toddler gymnastics this morning and she was back to her animated self, which was lovely to see. So in the morning, we’ll go back to nursery and continue the routine of me and my poker face, hoping she’s happy to settle in a little easier. We’ll get there in time, I’m sure of that.


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