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Unlock Their Imagination with STORY

This is a collaborative post with STORY

I’ve known from a very young age that Emma would love books. She did start off eating them as with so many babies but at several baby groups, she would feel so at home in the book corner, reading them upside down. Fast forward to now, she often picks out the book she wants, comes over and says “read!”. Usually after I’ve done my reading, she’ll take that same book to her Dad or brother, almost as if she’s weighing up how interesting and funny each of us make it.

Reading for us has gone in stages. It started off with those crunchy, floppy books. Then we graduated to ‘That’s Not My…’ books, which in truth she still adores. Shortly after it was a miniature version of her favourite TV programme that she loved best – Mr Tumble or Bing Bunny. These days it’s all about that lovable pig, but it’s also lovely to do something together. She’s started to love puzzles and jigsaws and enjoys working out which piece goes where.

As she entered toddler age, there’s one thing I noticed straight away – the imagination. Emma often invents games all by herself (something her nursery find fantastic too) and could be sat there for hours playing with her dolls house, moving characters from one room to another. I find it fascinating to watch as she creates scenarios and really want to nurture that side of her. I’ve been wanting to find something that lets her imagine even more – in fact so often it’s made me wonder where my own imagination went!

So when Melanie from STORY got in contact, I was excited to see what Emma would make of an interactive storytime experience. STORY is a new business run by Melanie, who thought of the idea of a walk-in book experience to unlock the power of imagination. I pretty much fell in love with the idea straight away – something to allow children to create their own stories, however they want to. Each pack comes with an A2 folded and double-sided map, a soft toy character, a felt fox mask and 10 story cards (5 beginnings and 5 quests). I love the animation on their website which shows how it works too.

The Walk-in Book is suitable ideally for ages 4 years and up, so I thought it would be a little much for Emma, but she absolutely loved it. She was fascinated by the map and with the help of her big brother, she got stuck in and we played with it together. I love that at Emma’s age, we can now play together and she loved spotting animals on the map together too. It’s also something that I know she’ll love for a long time too, so huge thanks to Melanie for letting us have a little play.

You can read more about STORY via the website  or over on Instagram too – we were sent the Adventure to the Woods Walk-in Book for the purpose of this review. The Walk-in Book retails at £25 and is suitable for ages 4 years+.


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