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Trusted Parents :: Connecting with Nearby Parents

I moved to Brighton when I was seven months pregnant, and the big worry for me was that I didn’t have an immediate support network. They say it takes a village to bring up a child and I barely knew three people outside of my other half! As Emma gets older, I’m noticing how important a good group of people around you is, particularly now I’m working for myself. Sometimes you do just need a few hours to yourself to sort things out and that’s where Trusted Parents comes in.

Trusted Parents is a fantastic new website connecting parents that live near each other. It’s quick and easy to create a login for yourself, tailored around your home postcode. You can then enter your child’s school or nursery and start inviting friends into your network. From there you can see whether there might be others willing to swap a playdate, as well as lots of recommended sites to find things to do in your area. It a brilliant resource to have at your fingertips and I love the idea that you have control over your own circle and everyone in it is someone you know. I immediately thought it would be great to share with nursery friends as we have just begun to get to know each other.

After years of organising lifts to and from football matches at the weekend, thanks to WhatsApp – it’s quite a relief to see Trusted Parents emerge as Emma is getting older. There’s always so much to organise and it’ll make life so much easier. The website has just launched so why not see what you think and try it out for yourself? The website is www.trustedparents.com and their Facebook page can be found here.

I did not receive monetary compensation for this review and all opinions and thoughs are my own


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