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TLC For New Mamas with Don’t Buy Her Flowers

A few months ago, two of my favourite people in the world, gave birth to their first babies. To say I was excited would be such an understatement, and I wanted to get them a thoughtful present to say congratulations. My other half told me that I would be the perfect person to do this, having recently gone through the newborn stage. What do new parents really want to receive as presents?

Thinking about this sent me back to our first night in the hospital with Emma. Our beautiful girl was born at 10:51 and we spent the day drinking tea and eating toast, looking at this tiny thing and wondering how on earth we would take care of her. Thankfully she seemed okay with sleeping it off for the moment, which I was grateful for! As the evening approached, Emma seemed to come to life just as I was starting to feel exhausted from a day of trying to breastfeed, nappy change and having to wake her to feed (how times quickly change hey!). From this point on, sleep seemed important and unimportant in equal measure. I didn’t want to miss a second, but my body was craving for rest.

Moments seemed to last an entire day, days seemed to span an entire week, but what would I have loved to have received from a friend? There’s no doubt in my mind – something for me. To make sure I eat properly without too much effort, to take care of myself in those important early days. So when I started looking for presents for my friends, I knew I was looking for a hamper for the mamas. Both are from big families and I knew they would be inundated with cards and clothes for the baby, but I decided to get them a gorgeous hamper from Don’t Buy Her Flowers.

Don’t Buy Her Flowers is an brilliant business run by Steph Douglas, who offers thoughtfully prepared packages to new mums or anyone who needs a bit of pampering. She thought of the idea after having er first baby and receiving 8 bouquets of flowers! Each hamper has been put together with a lot of care and there always seems to be one for whoever I am shopping for. I bought one set which came with the Hurrah for Gin book, a bottle of gin, crisps and chocolate buttons and another which had a magazine, scarf and champagne. The girls were completely blown away by them and said they found it so thoughtful that I was thinking of what they might need. For both of the hampers, I also added a £50 voucher from Cook, who provide healthy food that you can put in you freezer and make food for yourself whenever you need to and one-handed too. One friend told me “I can’t tell you how happy the words food and pick your delivery slot have made me!”

But Don’t Buy Her Flowers isn’t just about the new mums, it can also be for any occasion. Sometimes I’ve had a look just to buy someone a present who needs a little bit of pampering. Recently I’ve been having a little peek to treat my mum who has been taking care of my daughter 2 days a week for the past six months. I want something just for her, and it to be meaningful, more than a box of chocolates. That’s what Steph’s hampers are to me, a present that goes that extra mile to let the person know you put a little extra thought into it.

I’m very excited that we’ll have one hamper up for grabs in a giveaway that will go live on Sunday over on my Instagram page @bridiebythesea, so be sure to stop by and enter! One lucky winner will win the Any Occasion hamper, which is priced from £26, with the option to add wine, gin or champagne, truffles and a scarf. Huge thanks to Don’t Buy Her Flowers for collaborating with us on our giveaway. You can visit Don’t Buy Her Flowers here and her Sisterhood blog here too.

This is a collaborative post with Don’t Buy Her Flowers



  1. April 28, 2017 / 2:15 pm

    Oooh these look gorgeous and definitely nicer than another bunch of flowers (although I do love flowers). I hope one of my nearest and dearest think of this for me in a few months.

  2. April 28, 2017 / 10:09 pm

    This is such a good idea! I remember when I had Little M my friend brought round a tub of gluten free instant gravy granules and I thought it was the best gift in the world! Much better than a bunch of flowers. The comfort of mash and gravy was much needed in those early days.

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