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Mutu System Course :: Improving Diastasis Recti

This is a collaborative post with Mutu System

As I approach three years post-partum, I was introduced to the Mutu System course and was intrigued to give it a try. Before I had Emma, I was a big fan of pilates, ballet and bikram yoga, where the focus was to zip everything up and up. Mastering how to ‘zip up’ made me excel in gymnastics too but all those years later, I’m discovering a more balanced approach to strengthening my core.

Years ago, I had a very strong core and I have always known that it’s the foundation of everything we do. But after many months of sleep deprivation, I can feel my back getting achey as I lift Emma and I just know that my core has weakened so much over the past few years. I now have to make a conscious effort to strengthen those muscles, which is hardly surprising after 9 months of growing our little girl in my tummy.  I was so grateful to be introduced to Mutu System, giving me the opportunity to trial their 12 week programme to focus on improving your pelvic floor and ultimately diastasis recti (where the core muscles separate after having a baby).

So what is pelvic floor and why do we need to strengthen those muscles?

I think most of us mamas have heard from others that it’s not a great idea to go trampolining, and others who pee a little when they sneeze or cough. This is because of the pressure on your pelvic floor, and after having a baby those muscles are often weakened due to the pressure from carrying a baby. The core muscles are like elastic and need training to become stronger and having stronger core muscles lessens back and knee pain to mention just a couple of things.

How does the course work?

The Mutu System course is 12 week online, step-by-step course with videos in each module that act as a visual aid. The exercises are easy to follow and start off as simple 12 minute routines. You don’t need a lot of equipment – a small ball, straps, a yoga block and cushions.

There is also a checklist for each day to remind you to do your core exercises, walk each day and to follow the food recommendations. For me, this was crucial to help me actually do the work! Ever since I was pregnant, I was told to do my pelvic floor exercises but finding time to do it is another matter but I stuck to it and really felt my muscles getting tighter each day. It felt like at last I was doing the right exercises for me.

Food matters and it’s all about choice…

The Mutu System Course has a brilliant section on food, with handy guidelines to eating better along with shopping lists to help us newbies out. I loved this, it gave me real motivation to fill my cupboards with the right foods so I’m not tempted to reach for the biscuits when I get hungry. I also started to learn to listen to my body more as I often eat out of habit rather than feeding my body what it really needs. And above all, it’s all about choice – it’s okay to eat biscuits and chocolate but I started to notice how that made my body feel afterwards and have been feeling much better for making healthier choices.

What did I think of the Mutu System course?

I loved that it was an easy to follow, simple course – it meant I stayed on track with the exercises and didn’t feel overwhelmed. I also found it so relaxing and it forced me to take some time out just for me. These days, I don’t always have a lot of time to myself but my little one knows that mummy does her exercises in the mornings. Towards the end of the course, she started joining in with me and I thought that was such a positive thing for her too!

If you’re looking for a course to heal your body in a gentle effective way, I couldn’t recommend Mutu System enough. It gave me the support I was looking for to learn how to strengthen my body and just 12 weeks later and I feel like I’m well on my way. If you are interested, I am offering my readers 15% the full price of the course by using the code EMBRACE15 via this link. It’s a fantastic way to take some time out of our busy days and focus on you a little!


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