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Making Your Home Smarter with the Google Home

This is a collaborative post with More Than

It’s now been a few years since we moved into our home and as ever, it’s taken us an age to get round to renovating. But with the sleep deprivation at bay for as much as we can expect for the moment, we’ve been having a think about the ways we can improve our home. There is the obvious painting and adding furniture that we’ve only dreamed of, but how about making our home smarter? We’ve teamed up with More Than to test out the Google Home device and see how we can use it to improve our home.

Having never used a Google Home before, I was intrigued as to what features it has. I always knew it had the capacity to be an ‘assistant’, answering any questions you might have but beyond that I didn’t know much else. I have to admit, having someone on tap to answer tricky questions comes in pretty handy these days, with Emma being at the height of inquisitive but I suppose it’s not something I felt we really needed per say. However, I completely ate my words as this device is much more than that.

As well as being a Google Assistant, it also functions as a smart speaker – it can connect to Spotify and play music via their radio system. Although a simple thing, I really appreciate this as we have been talking about getting a speaker for our living room. It means we are not tied to watching TV during the evenings and it’s been a very nice change for us all! Sometimes you need a little change to spend quality time together when the weekdays are so hectic.

The most impressive feature is how you can use the Google Home to make your home safer and smarter. I find it fascinating to hear how technology is advancing and learnt that you can connect your Google Home to your security system while you are away. You can also use a service called IFTTT to use word commands to trigger turning the lights off or locking the doors, for example. I had no idea that this kind of technology was around and it would be a real peace of mind to use it in this way.

With our busy lives and two growing children, it is becoming ever more important to keep our home as protected as we can. I’ve had experience of being burgled in the past and it’s something I’ll go to lengths to avoid so it’s great to learn how we can use the Google Home to its full capabilities. On top of this, we’ve also been looking into the Google Nest and installing it in our home so we can easily control the temperature throughout the house. It’s all change here and I’m very excited to get going!

I’ve also filmed a little demo of getting to grips with our new Google Home device below because sometimes it’s easier to see it in action. You can view below or via this link here – hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: We were gifted a Google Home device for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are my own.


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