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Low Calorie Meals with McDonald’s #OneYou400600 #MealsUnder

This is a collaborative post with McDonald’s & Mumsnet

Last week, I was invited by Mumsnet to a tour of the McDonald’s restaurant in Central London to test drive their 400 & 600 calorie meal deals. As Emma is a fussy eater, McDonald’s has always been a hit for us – somewhere it doesn’t matter if she’s a bit louder than usual so I was really intrigued to see what it was all about.

As we arrived, we met some of the McDonald’s team who told us the story behind the range and it soon became clear why it’s a popular addition to the menu. The big surprise for me is that 90% of the McDonald’s menu is sub-500 calories so what you see on the lower calorie are some of the classics such as Chicken McNuggets, the Chicken Legend burger and the delicious chicken wraps, which are already on our go-to list.

All the products featured in the meal deals also pass the Public Health England green and amber light system – meaning they are within the recommended sugar and salt quantities. What a peace of mind for parents with fussy eaters that they can find meals that everyone enjoys!

So what did I choose in my 600 calorie meal deal? I went for a Chicken Legend with spicy mayo dressing, a salad shaker and a bottle of water. There was also the option to go back into the menu and add on whatever you like, but I found it filled me up and I was amazed it was under 600 calories. I also felt that with a teenager in the house, it’s a great lesson to teach him that you can swap out fries for salad or fruit to reduce the calories every now and then to stay healthy.

We had a lovely day at McDonald’s meeting the team and enjoyed chatting about this new range – I think it will be a great success in promoting healthy eating for families. As part of our collaboration, we filmed a video of our day and would love for you to have a look below or via our YouTube channel!

Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration with Mumsnet and McDonald’s


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