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Imaginative Reading Time with Storytime Magazine

I’ve written before about how much Emma loves magazines – even from a young age she fell in love with them. It wasn’t really a problem when she was younger but now she is old enough to ask for toys at the drop of a hat, the adverts in those magazines is something I’ve been keen to avoid! So when we were contacted by Storytime Magazine, magazine subscription with no adverts or plastic toys inside, I was interested to see how Emma would find it.

Storytime Magazine is a monthly subscription, where each magazine contains 50 pages of engaging stories, puzzles and games. It is aimed to encourage children to enjoy reading and capture their imagination with classic stories as well as new ones. As there are no adverts inside, the magazine is jam-packed with stories that are easy to read with your child as well as being beautifully illustrated. Emma was instantly hooked upon opening her little package and ever since has been referring to it as her ‘newspaper’.

so what did we think?

My first impression was the paper it was printed on felt high quality and much better than magazines we’ve had in the past. I could imagine keeping the Storytime Magazine for a rainy day. It was almost like a bumper edition book, rather than a ‘read it once’ magazine. As we began reading the stories inside, we started reading them together, which is a new discovery for us. Emma has recently become a huge fan of rhyming stories and when we read the magazine, I would say 4 words and she would repeat them back to me. It was a really lovely thing to do together!

There was a big variety of stories and games in the magazine that it has lasted us a long time. It has also given our independent little girl a real sense of empowerment to be able to choose which story she wants to read. The illustrations are so bright and beautiful too; some days she just enjoys flicking the pages and naming the animals. On other days, she’ll happily sit and read a story to her toy elephants.

Storytime Magazine gets a big thumbs up from us – it’s something we keep returning to several times a week and still haven’t come to the end of the stories inside. I’d recommend it for children aged 3 years + to encourage them to enjoy reading. I personally think that when Emma was a little younger, she would probably have struggled to engage as much as she currently is. Monthly subscriptions to Storytime Magazine are £33.99 a month with a direct debit subscription and there is also a half price trail offer available. You can see more on the StoryTime website here.


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