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Feeling Festive with Trolls Toys & Goodies

It’s really starting to feel like Christmas in our house, the decorations are up and Emma’s new favourite song is ‘Jingle House Rock’. I’ve been gathering Emma’s presents for the big day and she’s getting so excited for Father Christmas to come on Christmas Eve. We even saw the Santa Bus come down our road recently and she told me that “his dragons are flying”…the cutest thing ever that she thinks reindeers are called dragons!

In the run up to Christmas, I’ve tried not to go too crazy with presents. It’s easy to get caught up in it and there’s no doubt that Emma would love ALL the toys in Toys R Us and the joy at seeing her excitement would be amazing, but I’ve got to reign it in slightly. Luckily for Emma though, @LicenseToPR kindly gifted us a huge bundle of @Trolls toys, DVD and accessories to enjoy before Christmas comes.

The bundle of toys included a Trolls POD’ular Troll Tree, Poppy Hair in the Air Musical Toy, Trolls Jumper, t-shirt and leggings as well as a jigsaw, DVD and two books. Emma was very pleased with herself to say the least and straight away got stuck in to see what was in the package –

Trolls POD’ular Tree

As Emma is a big fan of her dolls’ house, I knew she would love this one. It was very easy to put together – you just click the base together and then hook on the three Troll pods. It comes with one small troll, which you can play with on the slide too, which we had a lot of fun with. I love that it is slim enough to be put in the corner of the room but I can already see how much enjoyment Emma is going to get from it.

Poppy Hair in the Air Musical Toy

After months of showing not much interest in dolls, Emma has suddenly fallen in love with them so this one was right up her street. Poppy comes with a mini hair brush for you to brush her hair – when you press her tummy, she plays various songs too! Emma jumps with excitement hearing these songs and has been really enjoying playing with her.

Trolls Clothing

Ever the fashionista, I could see straightaway that the clothing we were gifted would become firm favourites. We received a Trolls jumper, which is a version of the Christmas jumper with mini fluffy baubles. There was also a sparkly Trolls t-shirt with the tagline ‘out of con-troll!’ and a pair of black leggings with rainbows, trolls and hearts on. We love wearing all three of these; the designs are so fun and funky and perfect for 3-6 year olds. The clothing is available from Asda and very reasonable priced too!

Trolls Accessories

We were also sent some lovely accessories to go along with our bundle – a jigsaw (a big hit, as Emma loves them), a mystery bag, Trolls Holiday books and DVD plus Trolls chocolate bars. We felt very spoiled and it was a brilliant festive surprise before the big day arrives. The DVD has been so useful too in the run up to Christmas and Emma enjoyed watching it – it is 25 minutes long, which is perfect for her age.

Here are the details of where to find the toys and clothing:

Trolls POD’ular Tree: £44.99 Available from Toys R Us, Amazon, Argos and more.

Trolls Poppy Hair in the Air: £28.99 Available from Toys R Us, Amazon, Argos and more.

Trolls Mystery Bags: £3.99 each Available from Toys R Us, Amazon, Argos and more.

Trolls Christmas Sweatshirt: from £10 Available from George at Asda

Trolls Poppy T-Shirt: from £6 Available from George at Asda

Trolls Leggings: from £5 Available from George at Asda

Trolls Puzzle: not currently available for retail

Trolls Books: £5.99 from Amazon, Waterstones and other book retailers.

Trolls DVD: £4.99 fro Amazon, Asda and HMV Online.

Disclaimer: We were gifted the products featured for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are my own.


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