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James’ First Driving Lesson with Young Driver, Kempton Park

A few weeks ago, we went on an exciting adventure to Kempton Racecourse for James’ first driving lesson. It was something we had had planned for a while and he was quite cool and calm about it, but as the day approached, we could tell me was a little nervous. I suppose as we drive every day, we forget how it becomes second nature and it is so nerve wracking getting in the car for the first time.

Young Driver offer driving lessons for 10-17 year olds to give them the confidence when they eventually get their provisional licence. As someone who passed her test on the sixth (yes, you read that right!) time, I couldn’t help thinking this would have helped me so much. Driving made me so nervous and I’d often find myself making mistakes I wouldn’t usually make. Even when I passed, the examiner told me that I’m a good driver but I need to relax!

There are several locations up and down the country to go for your driving lesson but we chose Kempton Park Racecourse as it’s not too far for us along the M25. Emma came along too and was beyond excited to see James drive for the first time. In fact, it’s something she keeps telling the teachers at nursery, which they have been a bit bemused about. It was fun to go on a little road trip together, as usually we stay fairly Brighton-bound – and soon enough we arrived for James’ lesson.

The staff when we arrived were so friendly and I think that put James at ease a lot, who told us he was just nervous in case he crashed the car. We got booked in and the instructor gave James a booklet explaining all the manoeuvres and skills he would be learning. The booklet had a lot to it, so you could keep it and bring to your next lesson as you learn more and more. I thought this was a really good thing to give them, as the visualisation of how many things he covered in one session gave him an extra confidence boost.

James headed over to a Vauxhall Corsa for his 30 minute session and we saw him weave in and out of cones, reverse, as well as drive along a wide stretch of racetrack and learn how to change gears. They seemed to cover a lot in the session and afterwards he seemed really proud of himself for doing it without any problems. We were super proud too and watched the whole thing from the racing grandstand. I’ve filmed a little video of our day too, which I’ve copied below and you can also watch it over on my YouTube channel.

We had such a lovely day with Young Driver and I’ve no doubt it’s something James will never forget! Huge thanks to the lovely team at Young Driver for gifting us the session, we’ve already got some more sessions booked in as our teen has the driving bug.

You can find out more about Young Driver via their website or also over on Twitter and Facebook.


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