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Developing A Dreams Mattress :: Kindred and Spirit #AD

When I was pregnant with Emma, someone told me “your sleep will never be the same again”. Honestly, I didn’t believe a word they were saying. Of course, having a baby was going to to tiring, exhausting beyond belief but I didn’t expect over 2.5 years later, Emma would be back to waking 5-6 times a night. We’ve thankfully moved on from those painfully tiring days but it’s safe to say that over the trickier months, I became obsessed with sleep.

So when Mumsnet contacted me to see if I’d join their panel with Dreams to develop two new mattresses, tailored to parents – I jumped at the chance. If anything, I was curious if there were different mattresses that would give us a better nights’ sleep. I mean, if you’re going to be woken every 2-3 hours, you need to make those moments of sleep count! Comfort is everything when it comes to sleep, and I headed to Birmingham to visit the Dreams factory.

Visiting the Dreams Factory

Having never visited a factory before, I was amazed at the community feeling at the Dreams factory. I suppose I expected lots of machines doing the stitching and putting together the mattresses themselves, but it couldn’t have been further from the truth!

The factory and warehouse is a large building and each section is separated into departments, where the mattresses are worked on by hand using the machines alongside. I was so impressed and it was fascinating to see the work being done in front of us. The staff were all happily working too and it seemed to be such a little family with some of the staff having been there for over a decade.

Learning All About Mattresses

For years, we have had a memory foam mattress, as I truly believed this would be the best for my back. I have to admit, as our mattress is about 3 years old, I have noticed that I feel like I’m sinking when I get into bed. I was so interested to hear that while memory foam does mould to your body shape, it might not be the best support for me – especially given that I spent my days lifting things, from bags to toddlers.

As a parent, my ultimate concern will always be Emma’s well-being so knowing there are no chemicals in the materials is a peace of mind. I also suffer from asthma, so need to make sure the material of the mattress isn’t one that will pick up a lot of dust, as it really affects my sleep too. However, the team at Dreams had such a breadth of experience, no matter what your concern is, and it was great to talk through what is important to all of us and develop a mattress that suits these needs.

We also went to Mumsnet HQ after the factory tour for a fun day playing ‘Never Have I Ever – The Sleep Edition’. I had such a giggle with the lovely Sophie from Mama Mei, which you can see from the video below!

So What Did I Think?

I’ve had the mattress for over a month now, and honestly I’m hugely impressed. Immediately, I could feel the difference from my memory foam mattress – I chose the Kindred mattress, which is made from soft to touch material but the mattress itself has such a firm feel. After the first night’s sleep, I woke up and told my partner that I don’t think I moved all night! I’m used to tossing and turning all night, unable to get comfortable so this was such a welcome change.

As we were designing the mattress, we all agreed that a thicker mattress is much more comfortable and I was so pleased to see the final product! The Kindred mattress also has a beautiful design – white, cushioned material on top with a grey lining at the sides. It suits the decor of our master bedroom perfectly, as we have a monochrome theme.

A major factor for a lot of families will be the cost, without a doubt. A mattress of this quality retails at £800-£1000 and a lot of the panel on the day agreed that this amount of money is probably out of the question. However, with the amazing nights’ sleep we’ve been getting, I honestly think it’s worth it. Dreams advise on changing your mattress every 8 years, which works out as only 34p per night – it is a big investment to make but seeing the difference it has made to my lower back pain, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Being part of the Dreams panel was such an eye-opener for me, I learned so much about what goes into putting the mattresses together and the value in spending money on our mattresses. Especially for parents, those moments of sleep are crucial and having a great mattress makes a big difference in how you’ll be feeling the next day.

I was provided the Dreams Kindred mattress in collaboration with Mumsnet for the purpose of this review


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