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Savvy Ways to Save Money :: My Top Five Tips

This is a collaborative post 

It doesn’t take much for me to splurge on lovely things – I’ve always been more of a spender than a saver. But with Emma in tow, I’m ever more aware that these little people are expensive and it’s good to find a few tips and tricks to save money. So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to keep myself on track throughout the months in hope of spending a few pennies:

Shop Around :: I’m always surprised how many good deals there are by just taking the time to shop around a little. There are some fantastic voucher code websites that can help you out to save a lot more than you’d expect.

Make a List :: My other half always jokes that he doesn’t trust someone who doesn’t write a list. I have to say I agree with him there! Take some time to make a list of what you need to buy and what can wait. I have a terrible tendency to just buy whatever I like the look of in the supermarket, until I realise it wasn’t necessary.

Freebies :: To my surprise, there are some fantastic websites that offer lots of freebies in all shapes and sizes. Now, I love a freebie and it’s always good to grab one while you can. Gratisfaction is a brilliant website for this and has some of the best UK free samples around.

Cook from Scratch :: Such an obvious one, but I can get really lazy sometimes. But when I do get the motivation, it’s amazing how much can be saved by cooking from scratch. Also batch cooking is a brilliant money saver, which works for us so we can share the meals with Emma too.

-Keep a pennies jar :: One of our favourite things is to ask Emma to put our loose change in the pennies jar. It’s become a bit of a tradition and she absolutely loves it. However lately, we’ve noticed that the money we’ve been collecting is adding up and such a nice surprise to have it there!

So that rounds up my top tips on saving a little bit of money here and there – it feels good to be making that effort to do what we can to stick to our budget. I’d love to know your thoughts on the subject too – do you have any money saving tips to keep you on track each month?


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  1. Jenn Great
    June 21, 2017 / 5:00 pm

    lovely blog post, will check out the website gratisfaction for sure 🙂

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