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How To Organise A Children’s Event

We’ve organised two birthday parties for Emma and they were a little bigger and more stressful I had imagined both times round. There’s definitely an art to it and I’ve been reading into what that is, so we can get prepared next time round. With this in mind, I have a guest post today to learn a bit about getting the balance right! Hope you enjoy it.

As a parent we all want to do our best for our children, creating memories that they will treasure for the rest of their life. When it comes to celebrating special events, there is nothing better than making it all about the children. Whatever the event and wherever you are in the world, we all just want to have a good time. More so, we all want to ensure that our children are having a good time, which is why organising a child-friendly event is so rewarding.

Of course, organising an event for children is not the same as organising an event for adults. You have to take into consideration a lot of different aspects, such as time, refreshments and activities.

what’s the theme?

The traditional children’s birthday party involves parents hosting what can seem to be hundreds of kids around their house, or booking out a venue for the day. Birthday cake and entertainment, such as clowns and bouncy castles, are always favourites. But how do you make your party unique?

As your son or daughter tells you about their favourite things, such as films, television shows, music or books, you can use as a theme of the party. This will make it a day to remember for hosts and guests with a personalised theme your child loves.

As each season comes and go, there is usually at least one day on the calendar to celebrate. As every parent knows, Christmas is a child’s absolute favourite time of the year, so organising a Christmas themed party is a sure fire hit. Schools commonly organise the end of term parties for their students, either at the school itself or at another venue. If you visit this website, you will find a few different ideas for seasonal events that are ideal for both children and adults.

Halloween parties are another popular one when it comes to children, encouraging the little ones to dress up as their favourite characters. You can make this fun by putting a twist on the traditional ‘trick or treat’, making the kids work that little bit harder for their sweets!

how many?

The most important part to organising any party is to know how many guests to plan for. You don’t want to overspend and waste money on leftover food and keepsakes, and neither do you want to underestimate a number of guests and leave people going hungry.

Make sure you send the invitations out early on, so people can save the date and you can get a real sense of who is coming with how many children. When you know this, you can begin to make catering arrangements and have a good idea on the general costs for other activities.

what about entertainment?

When you have a venue full of children, you better make sure that you can keep them entertained. There is nothing more challenging than bored kids, so make sure that there is always something going on to keep them occupied.

Usually, music is a good source of entertainment at parties but that probably won’t cut it with young children. Make sure to include plenty of party games and activities such as bouncy castles and face painting – you really can’t go wrong if your event can boast these!

Magic shows can be hit and miss. If you do hire a magician for the day, it is best to make sure that they have experience in performing at children’s parties. After all, they can be the most demanding and truthful of audiences!

When you have made plans for every conceivable eventuality, go back and look at it twice and thrice just in case you have missed something, because we can guarantee that you will. Once you have checked and checked again, you are ready to host an awesome children’s event.


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