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Guest Post: Gorgeous Gifts from Brighton’s Jin Designs

This is a collaborative post

Emma has always loved animals; from cats to dogs to ‘5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed’. I’m a big fan of buying her toys and clothes with animal prints on them as I know she’ll instantly love them. So when Brighton-based Jin Designs asked me if they could share their guide to buying gifts for animal lovers, I knew it was right up our street. It’s wonderful to discover another independent shop in Brighton, and one I’ll definitely be keeping their shop in mind for presents.

At Jin Designs, we specialise in creating the perfect gifts for animal lovers of all ages. From cats to dogs, hedgehogs to penguins, we have it covered. Finding a gift for someone who loves animals, especially children is not always an easy task. It goes without saying that pets are a wonderful addition to any family but they often require as much time and energy as a baby, especially when they’re young. For many people, it just isn’t possible have a furry friend live with them. When it comes to giving a present to someone who adores animals; if it isn’t a pet, surely they will inevitably be disappointed. Well, that’s where you could be wrong. 

Below is our compact guide for gifts for animal lovers, big or small!

cat lovers

The beautifully illustrated cat who features on many of our gift and homeware pieces makes for a perfect, non-purring, easy-to-handle pet. Check out the collection for coasters, tea towels and worktop savers or, if you’re looking for a present for a little cat lover, why not give them a sweet coin purse or a canvas tote bag? These are ideal for children going to school, who want to take their decorative furry friend with them wherever they go.

dog lovers

Man’s best friend is made even more friendly in the form of the loyal little brown dog which can be found on our collection of gifts. He enjoys sitting on the front of our notecards which are a wonderful addition to absolutely everyone’s stationery set.

woodland animal lovers

You’ll even find foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and rabbits in this collection. If you know someone who is fond of these creatures then why not treat them, after all, woodland animals have never been so easy to have in your home before! Our favourite pieces are the zip bags which can be used for holding pens and pencils, make-up, toiletries, or something else all together. Made from strong cotton canvas, these are both durable and adorable.

When we said we had it covered at Jin Designs, we weren’t lying. Do you know someone who is a penguin person? Or perhaps is moved by meerkats? Maybe even religious about robins? If you do then look no further for the most superb gifts for them. Jin Design’s beautifully crafted pieces make for wonderful presents for all kinds of animal lovers. 

Jin Designs is a Brighton-based company, founded in 2014. All of the designs are available online at http://www.jindesigns.com/ and are proudly made in Britain.

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