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Welcome to Bridie By The Sea…

Hello there and this is my blog about adventures in Brighton with my 11 month old little lady, Emma, along with boyfriend Jim and stepson, James. You can read more about me here


I have been blogging for a while now over at The Noble Foodie, writing gluten free recipes and reviews. I’ve loved having a blog and having the platform to be creative, something I’ve always felt was missing from my day job. But since having a baby, my life has changed completely (slight understatement there!) and I decided to write Bridie By The Sea, to remember the little details that I’m sure over time will fade into the background.

It feels like a very fitting time to start writing this, as we approach Emma’s first birthday – what feels like a gigantic achievement, even though I know it’s only the beginning. From meeting new mummy friends, to learning about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning, trying to get some’me’ time and everything in between – I want to document my journey through mamahood on this blog and hope you will come with me too.


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