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Guest Post: What Are The Secrets To Confident Kids?

I’ve recently written about lacking confidence and making conscious efforts not to hold back too much. Sometimes I worry that I’ll pass these same traits onto Emma, and am always interested in the ways we can help our kids be more confident as young people. Especially in these first 2 years of their life, it’s so important to help nurture them. The very lovely Amy from Young Mum of Two contacted me and had some really interesting insights into how you can help your kids develop their self-confidence. Take it away Amy!

During their childhood years, kids will pass through many different stages of their development and what they learn during this period is what is going to shape them later in life. Their surroundings, personal experience and people around them are going to influence their behavior pattern in great measures. Parents play a major role in the development process of their children and can greatly help their children develop both mentally and emotionally. Confidence is one of the greatest virtues found in people and you, as parents, could help your children become more self-confident by following these few tips:

1. Let Him/Her Make Decisions


The first step towards raising self-confident children is teaching them to make proper decisions on their own. This will help them become more aware and independent resulting in increased confidence levels. Of course, some boundaries have to exist and your children should first learn to respect the decisions of their parents. Creating a balance is crucial because if you go to extremes, this method just might be counterproductive. Remember – it is a thin line between self-confident and arrogant.

2. Positivity


Looking on the bright side of life is something that can greatly contribute to raising confidence in children from an early age. Encouraging your children to focus on the good things and to have an optimistic view at life could actually help them boost their confidence levels. Optimistic children tend to find solutions much easier and do not have a tendency of giving up after certain defeats as they believe that they will always find a way to fix their problems.

3. Nurture His/Her Interests


When children are still quite young it is recommended to urge them to take part in different extracurricular activities. Not only do these activities help children develop their social skills and improve their talents, but they are also a great confidence builder. When children find something they enjoy doing, they will strive to become the best in that field. This can greatly affect their confidence and help them become more emotionally and mentally stable.

4. Encourage Problem Solving


No matter how old they are, all parents try to look out for their children and help them resolve their problems. Of course, if you wish for your children to grow up and become fully functional adults, perhaps you should try and give them the opportunity to solve their own problems. While it might become overwhelming at certain times and quite difficult to bear, this will encourage them to think for themselves and learn how to properly function in the real world. Try practising this when they encounter a problem in their homework or perhaps get in a fight with another child and ask them to try and find the best way to fix the problem on their own.

5. Teaching the Value of Helping Others


Showing your children that their effort is valued and that they too can make a difference by doing small but kind deeds, could really help them become confident and caring adults. Ask for their help when doing chores around the house and show them how much you appreciate their help. Donating to charity and leading a frugal way of life can help children learn how money does not equal confidence nor happiness. It is a good idea to encourage children to purchase second hand and used clothing online in order to raise awareness about money and saving.

All parents want what is best for their children and sometimes they make a mistake of being over-protective, which can actually be quite bad for their child’s development. If you wish to raise confident and stable children, be ready to let them make some decisions but also mistakes and help them learn from their experience.

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie expat living in the UK and a newbie parenting blogger. Check out her blog Young Mom Of Two.


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