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March Favourites :: What We’ve Loved

For the past five months or so, I’ve been filming monthly updates of our favourite things. It started off as just something to film to get me used to being in front of the camera – something that looks way harder than it seems – but now I really enjoy it. More importantly, I love looking back over the months and seeing how Emma’s favourite things chop and change. So I thought it might be nice to record this months ‘favourites’ on the blog as well!

What have I been enjoying over the past month? I’ve recently gone back to work so these things are a little work-related. On Mother’s Day, I got a beautiful, bright yellow leather bag from Next, which I’m a little obsessed about. Emma and James chose well because I am really into yellow at the moment and I’m taking this bag everywhere with me! It’s also a little bigger than my previous one so I can fit a few more things in there, but a lovely change from carrying the toddler changing bag everywhere with me.

Keeping to the work theme, it’s this month I realised I have a distinct lack of clothes in my wardrobe. Now that I’m going into the office three days a week, I’ve realised I wear the same jumpers and black jeans day on day! So I’ve decided to revive a few dresses that I was wearing when I returned to work after maternity leave. My favourite is a navy blue geometric dress from Joy (my favourite shop of all time!). It’s made from a thick cotton but has much-needed stretchy fabric so is super comfy.

My final fave is my HD Brows ‘Brow Beater’ that I bought a few weeks ago, after trying multiple times to replicate the style of my brows after going to get them tidied up. I’m not sure if this is just me, but I find it near impossible to get them looking as good! So I bought the brow beater (RRP £18 from HD Brows) to give it a go and it’s working pretty well – turns out a bit of practice and it’s getting easier to do each day.

Over to Emma, and this month has been all about potty training! She is getting on really well with it and after a bit of a bumpy start…something has clicked and Emma feels so independent with it. Recently she has been wanting to get on the toilet completely alone, so we decided to let Emma choose a step stool for her to use in the bathroom. So she chose a Thomas The Tank Engine one and is really embracing being independent in the bathroom!

Emma has always been a fan of reading but lately she loves reading the Julia Donaldson books, such as The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom. Her favourite book this month is called The Scarecrow’s Wedding, which I personally find quite funny. She seems to really enjoy rhyming stories so we’ve been reading this almost every night.

Lastly, she’s become really attached to a light-up globe that was passed down by her brother. It’s such a great gift for toddlers her age and we love picking out the countries and showing her where people in our family live. And it goes without saying she loves turning it on and off herself 😊
So that rounds up our March Favourites – I’m going to try and do a little write up each month when the video goes live so we have it to look back on.

Hope you’ve had a great month too!



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