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Hello April: The Start of Spring

This weekend marked the start of April and also the most glorious weekend of sunshine in Brighton – I almost can’t believe another month has whizzed past and it’s the month of this little lady’s 2nd birthday! It’s been so lovely to see the better weather again as we’ve been quite poorly and exhausted this month, and really need the boost. Summer feels like it’s coming and there is lots to be excited about…

On The Blog

Instagram. I’ve been so chuffed this month that my Instagram seems to be growing really nicely and I’m enjoying it! I’ve been trying to focus on my photography a lot and the comments and likes really mean a lot to me.

My first Mumsnet event. With the exception of Britmums Live, I haven’t been to any blogging events but was super excited to attend the Confidence in Returning to Work event. It was so inspiring to hear the likes of Mother Pukka and Step Up Club talk about their experience with returning to work and to know that I’m not alone in feeling a bit lost with it all.

The Friday Challenge. If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ll see that I set myself a Friday challenge on January 1st…to take Emma out every Friday on a day out to somewhere new. It was a challenge I was a bit daunted to set myself but can I have a whoop whoop for reaching 3 months with only one incident where we had to call road service rescue.


At Home

Beach Time. Living in Brighton, people always think we spend afternoons lounging on the beach. But the truth is, Brighton is windy and it just doesn’t always happen! But lately that’s changing and we spent 1.5 hours on the beach this Sunday. It is the perfect activity for Emma too as she is entertained with the stones and pebbles for hours, meaning we can enjoy coffee.

Planning the Holidays. This summer we’ve decided to go on a sunny, beach holiday together and I can’t wait. The ideas are flowing and it’s so exciting to think it’ll be our first holiday as a little family.

Reconnecting with old friends. I’ve been so bad lately at keeping in touch with my NCT group – I seem to have hidden away in an exhausted corner! But it has been amazing to spend some time together and see how Emma recognises some of her little buddies too.


Things to Look Forward to

The Future. I’ve only got a few more weeks left in my current job so time to plan the future. It’s getting really exciting and I can’t wait. It’s all thanks to my other half who is so supportive of it all.

My first review trip. This one has been in the diary for a while but we’ll be heading to Leicester soon to review an adventure park weekend! My stepson is very excited and I am too – we’ll be visiting water parks, safaris and zoos so there should be lots for everyone to do!

Emma’s birthday. I can’t believe the little ladybird will be 2 this month! So we’re hoping for good weather and organising a little tea party with all her buddies.

So that’s our month round-up – let’s hope for more Spring fun in April! Hope you’ve had a fab month too.




  1. April 3, 2017 / 10:42 pm

    I love your round ups Bridie. They’re fab for me as I’m so nosey and always like to know what you’re up to 😉 but also I think they’ll be so lovely for you to look back on in a few years. Well done with your IG success – so well deserved as your images as so lovely. Enjoying it is the main thing though like you said. Here’s to another lovely month with a few less sick bugs x

  2. April 4, 2017 / 3:22 am

    Thanks lovely – so lovely to hear as sometimes worry it’s a bit dull haha! Huge thanks to you for your advice on my Instagram as it’s helped massively – enjoying it is the key I think! Yay do a month without poorly kids, we must have both done our quota for a little while now! Xxx

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