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Bye February!

It seems that this year is whizzing by in a flash and another month has gone. I can’t believe it, it’s already the end of February. I always find that this month goes really quick after January dragging for what seems like ages. As we approach the end of the month, it feels like spring is arriving and I’m seeing lots of flowers popping up everywhere, which makes me very happy indeed. This month in particular has been a month of loads going on at home and on the blog, so I thought I would continue to keep up with my monthly updates as they are so lovely to look back on.

February montage of pictures

On The Blog

Exciting collaborations. I sadly can’t really say much about it, but I was contacted about two exciting collabs that I really hope will work out! When I received the call, I did get overcome by this imposter syndrome…why would they want to work with me instead of these other amazing bloggers…but trying to shake that off and be positive about it instead 🙂

Re-discovering my camera. This month I’ve really re-discovered a love for photography. For ages, I was just taking day-to-day pictures of the family with my phone. But lately I got organised and dug out my DSLR camera and enjoy taking pictures of Emma with it. They are much better quality and I’m just getting to grips with how to use it properly.

BML 2017. I’ve already promised myself I’ll attend BlogOn MSI in May as I really want to see the amazing Harriet at Toby & Roo‘s talk on Instagram. She’s a very inspiring Instagrammer so I can’t wait. But just the other day, I decided I’ll also go to BML in September…you’ve just got to take the leap and go for it sometimes.

Focusing on what I want. For a while now, I have tried to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging routine and this month I got a bit overwhelmed with it. It started to feel like a chore all of a sudden so I’ve taken a step back and reminded myself to blog how I want to. In the process there is a little less on the blog, and a little more on Instagram but it’s helped me get my mojo back a little and remember that the reason I do this is because I love to write.

At Home

Meeting my gorgeous nephew. It was so exciting at the beginning of the month that my very handsome nephew arrived in the world. It has been so lovely meeting him and introducing him to Emma – who was so gentle and intrigued to see a baby for the first time. It takes you right back to those newborn weeks, which are never easy at all.

Spending time with friends. I’m so terrible at keeping in touch with people and lately I realised that I haven’t seen even my closest friends for ages. So the other day, I headed up to London for a wonderful day with my bestie. We hadn’t seen each other in months and it was so good catching up and helping with her 3 month old little guy. Seeing old friends is the perfect tonic 🙂

Big decisions. It’s also been a month of soul-searching in a way, as I made a big decision with my career. I decided not to renew my day job’s contract and to focus on my blog for the next 6 months. Sometimes it becomes really clear what you need to do. It does makes me scared and worried whether it’s the right decision, but very excited at the same time!

Quality time with my other half. The month was Valentine’s Day as we all know, and usually we do an Anti-Valentine’s and watch a horror movie (or similar!). But for the first time, we decided to go out for sushi and it was the best idea to catch up and talk properly.

Things to Look Forward to

Days off. So as the financial year is ending soon, I’ve been encouraged to take my days off by the end of March…which I am all on board with! So I’ve been able to take some time off to be with my sister-in-law and nephew and also have a day off this week too to see some friends near Bristol.

Spring sunshine. It can’t just be me that is overwhelmingly excited about the glimmers of Spring?! I’m so fed up of this freezing cold weather and can’t wait until the sunshine and daffodils are here to stay. Not long now….

Celebrations. As well as the arrival of Spring, March is always a lovely time at home as it’s our 7 year anniversary from when I first met my other half. It feels like yesterday to be honest but so lovely to celebrate the day together with a little bubbly.

Preparing for the 2nd birthday. It seems that party season is coming up and by that I mean NCT birthday tea parties every week for the next month – the joy of knowing lots of babies with similar birthdays! I just can’t deal with the fact that Emma is going to be two soon and am clinging onto these last 7 weeks. She seems to be going back and forth between seeming so teeny still and being super grown up (yesterday she walked up the stairs all by herself…sigh).

So that rounds up our past month – hope you had a good one too! Bring on the joys of spring and lots of outdoorsy fun next month.


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  1. March 1, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    No way, I can’t believe Emma is going to be two soon! Sounds like you’ve had a hectic but lovely month with lots of lovely things to look ahead to, and some new adventures for you all xxx

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