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August: What Did We Get Up To?

At the start of every month, I do a little round up of our previous four weeks and see what we’ve been up to, on and off the blog. So this morning I sat down to write all about August and realised that we haven’t been up to all that much. I suddenly felt a little bad…can that really be possible? I then realised that our August was filled with these everyday, ordinary moments that don’t seem a lot on paper but mean a great deal to me.

So this months’ round-up will be a little different. These are my favourite snapshots of the month, the little things that really made my day, week and month. Here’s to the sunny month of August:

sprinklers & sunshine

As if from no-where, the sunshine appeared and we were straight in the car and down to the sprinklers and paddling pool. Emma has always been a cautious little girl and this was the first time I’ve seen her in the sprinklers and jumping around in the paddling pool. The look of joy in her face to be cooling down in the water always melts my heart a little!

swing swing swing

We had six weeks off Emma’s toddler gymnastics class this summer, but in that time we’ve seen her strength grow so much. She now swings from the bars like this every time we go to the park and often prefers doing that to the swings or slide.


I spent most of July in awe of everyone’s lavender spam and couldn’t believe we hadn’t been yet. Then finally last month we made it! It’s only an hour from Brighton and it was breathtaking to see. I wouldn’t say it was Emma’s favourite place to be as there were so many bees around, so it was a bit of a pose and run scenario!

“big, smelly cows”

Not far from our house in Ditchling Beacon, there is a field of cows. We’ve been going with two of Emma’s friends (we met them through our NCT group) and she loves it. “Big smelly cows, Mummy!” is what Emma says as soon as we arrive. What’s been lovely this month is spending more time with her friends and seeing the bond between them grow. One of the boys goes to nursery with Emma and I can see the comfort in knowing he’s such a familiar face these days.

mama time

Through no-one’s fault but my own, I rarely take a few hours out to myself. But over the August bank holiday, I met up with my good friend Sam from Mouse, Moo & Me Too for a fancy lunch in Brighton. We went to Red Roaster Cafe in Kemp Town and had the most amazing cocktails and delicious food. I came back completely rejuvenated and feeling like myself again so I know I need to make it a regular thing, especially as my other half is always so supportive.


Sometimes it’s the small things isn’t it? For months now, Emma has been trying to blow bubbles herself. I know they let them try at nursery and often her key worker has told me that she can very almost do it! Sometimes she’d hold the wand too close to her mouth so she’d eat a bit of the soap (hmm!) and other times she’d just blow to hard. But suddenly, in the blink of an eye, she mastered it.

big smiles

The best thing about this month has been the one-to-one time together. And to see this smile makes every frustration, tantrum, cross word, totally worth it.

So that’s our August, and looking back it was such a happy one. I hope September will be just as good! It feels like we have cooler weather ahead of us but perversely that helps me out as my allergies seem to flare up when the sun is out…sometimes you can never win hey! Hope you had a fab August too.

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  1. September 5, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    Oh I loved meeting up with you too – always a good sign when you have to tell the waitress to give you “another minute” about 50 times because you’re too busy chatting! Emma is so strong too, check her arms August sounds like a thoroughly lovely month xx

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