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Wishes & Daydreams

Like so many people, I’ve never been a huge believer in new year’s resolutions. After years of promising myself this would be the year I lose 2 stone, get fit and save just a little bit of money – it’s pretty clear that my fantasy of a list just doesn’t work! So as the years rolled by, I stopped doing them. But I always have in my mind what my other half once told me, that if you write down your wishes or resolutions, they stand half a chance of coming true. I hate to admit it, but he’s right.

So this year I haven’t made a single resolution but seem to be thinking about goals in my blog and work-life quite a lot. It seems inevitable that the new year makes you re-assess your life in its entirety, and this year has been no exception. Asking myself those big ‘what, why, how’ questions to make this year as good as I can. My lovely friend Sam over at Mouse Moo and Me Too has written a fab list of wishes in her life and I thought I’d give it a go too. Sam has such a brilliant blog so do head over for a read if you haven’t already!

Wishes & Daydreams in text over picture of a boat setting sail at sunset

5 Wishes for Family

1. Date Night. I kind of hate the phrase date night as it goes, but I do want to spend more quality time with my other half this year. It’s been a bit crazy til now juggling work, childcare on next to no sleep. We also realised that we went out about 3 times last year, which is pretty bad.

2. Weekly Day Out Challenge with Emma. I wrote recently about being stuck in a bit of a rut with Emma. On Friday’s I have the day off but we always end up doing the same thing. You know how it is, you find a cafe you love, the bit of seafront she knows well. But this year we are going to try and do one new thing together every Friday and post a little write-up on the blog too.

3. Holidays to look forward to. I always love having a few dates in the diary to look forward to – a couple of days out with the family. When we went to Australia, it really reminded me that we sometimes need that time away from our work and day to day life to just enjoy it.

4. Have dinner together round the table. This one is so important to me. It sounds quite traditional but when I was growing up, we had dinner together every night and I’d love to start doing that a few nights a week. So we have plans to get a much bigger dining table and hope to make it happen on the nights James stays with us.

5. Less Tantrums. Lately Emma has been having these god awful tantrums and I just wish, I hope that they will start to ease over the year. I know it’s totally normal as she’s a toddler testing all those boundaries and exploring the world, but it would do wonders for my sanity!

5 Wishes for The Blog

1. The Big Wish. Until a few weeks ago, I was happily blogging ‘blindly’. I enjoy writing so I was just doing my thing. Then suddenly a switch flipped and I got a bit of a bright idea and now I have a big goal for the year. I want to build a community for Brighton mums to have a go-to place for all toddler reviews and days out, so will work on doing this over the next year with a view to start a website in January 2018. In the meantime, I’ll probably stumble across another clever person who is doing this already.

2. Ideas. I keep reading other bloggers professing that they have so many ideas for posts and not enough time to type them out. I want to be you! I have the opposite problem, and so often have blogger’s block. Sometimes I sit there wondering what to write about as my life can be pretty boring. So what I think I’m looking for is a muse or just to make my life less dull somehow.

3. Instagram. I don’t think I’m alone here but I really want to get better at this Instagram malarkey. I have been trying to improve my photography and join in with more hashtag community in a hope that something will click into place. If anyone has any tips or advice, I would love some as it’s the one platform I really struggle with.

4. Meet more bloggers. I really enjoyed going to BritMums Live last year and meeting some of the awesome Tribal Chat gang. So hopefully this year I will be able to make it up to BlogOn in Manchester and meet some more lovely bloggers. I’ve really been blown away with how supportive some of the blogging folk are, so hope I can make this happen.

5. To be blogging for another year. I really hope that this time next year I will be enjoying it as much as I do now. When I started this, I had this feeling of dread that I’d get to 3 months and completely run out of steam. But I’m hoping this year will see a new chapter for my blog in general.

5 Wishes For Me

1. Working in Brighton. I’ve loved returning to work recently but the commuting sort of annoys me. So I’ve been looking into more local work and would love to make that a real possibility if I can. It would just be life changing so I could be around more for Emma, as she approaches school age.

2. Exercise. The biggie! I am basically an all or nothing kind of girl. I either go mad on fitness or sit on the sofa with a packet of KitKats (nothing wrong with that FYI). So I’m on the lookout for a happy medium…a little healthier than I am now, without going nuts.

3. Time for Me. The boys often tell me off because even over the weekend when they are around more, I never really ask for help. So I hope this year, I will be able to organise a few things to do now and then so I can have a little break.

4. Spend Time With Friends. I’m famously a bit of a rubbish friend, particularly as most of my friends live in Brighton. It’s so easy to let the week roll by, but I’m determined to make some time to spend together. One of my dearest friends has just had a baby so it’s lovely to catch up and hold her gorgeous and perfect little one.

5. Believe in Myself. Over the past year, I have had several crisis in confidence. Looking back, there wasn’t really a need for it and I just need to be a bit more confident with what I’m doing…in life, blog and work. It’s often easier said than done but I think I need to remind myself sometimes to just have faith in myself.

So there you have it…a few wishes for the year ahead. I love this idea, such a positive thing to do and as we approach February, I am feeling pretty good about this year. Big thank you to Sam for nominating me, I am now going to nominate the fabulous Fi from Beauty Baby and Me to come up with her list too. Happy 2017 everyone – here’s to a great year!

A Mum Track Mind



  1. January 24, 2017 / 10:36 am

    This is a great list Bridget and I think you can achieve all of it! I love your idea of doing something new and special with Emma on your day off together. Plus it will be much easier when the weather gets a bit better. I’m really looking forward to Spring so that Finley and I can just hop on a train off to somewhere and take a picnic with us!
    I want to get better at Instagram as well but I’ve always used it as a kind of diary so my photos aren’t always that great. I do love the Instagram stories though #stayclassymama

  2. January 24, 2017 / 9:15 pm

    I love this idea sometimes writing wishes down makes it more concrete and something to aim for. Good luck with your Brighton Network. #dreamteam

  3. January 25, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    A fabulous list of things to achieve and all so positive which is wonderful. “Date nights” are important, you gotta have those in your life! I love your blogging goals too, I’m more like you before you set your goals just writing for writing sake, will have to take a leaf out of your book and have a goal or two! Good luck!

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