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Top Tips To Look After Long Hair

I’ve always had long hair, to the point where it was a bit of trademark when I was growing up. I used to tell myself it was a good thing as I could do anything I want with it…but truth be told, most days I scrape it back into a mum bun. Since I’ve had Emma 27 months ago, I’ve had one hair cut and as a result, my hair has grown and grown and now falls to the bottom of my back. Some days it’s kind of annoying, other days I curse myself as it really does take forever to wash it. But mostly, I know that it’s not in great condition. The ends are dry and there are countless split ends. It also seems to knot itself into a dreadlock, which is very frustrating – but I do love having long hair and just need to make an extra effort to look after it.

There was a time, circa 2013 when I thought I’d try something new from the norm. I decided one day that I’d try out bangs and a bob. Work friends and family were very kind to me at this time of my life – they told me it suited me and why hadn’t I done it sooner? The truth is it did not suit me one bit…if you are considering getting bangs and you have poker straight hair, just don’t do it – the upkeep was not what I had in mind! Eventually, after months of pinning back that fringe, it grew out and we put that era behind us only to be reminded occasionally (thanks Timehop).

Let’s not forget what pregnancy does to your hair too, and it seemed like I was shedding hair constantly in those first few months. It had never happened to me before, so I was a bit shocked but eventually it evened out as I started to look after my hair more. It was also comforting to know, after looking into it that there are other options if you do want to get a hair transplant. You can get a Follical Unit Extraction which is a modern day technique of hair restoration. I was also surprised to hear that the FUE hair transplant cost isn’t as much as you’d think, so good to know that there are affordable options should haircare alone not be enough to restore my hair.

To begin taking care of my long hair, I started doing a few things different and just wanted to share a few of my haircare tips:

stay hydrated

Every day I have to remind myself to drink more water as I often forget! This makes such a big difference to how hydrate your skin and hair is.

eat good fats

I never used to make that connection with what I’m eating to the growth and healthiness of my hair, but eating fatty fish and other good fats such as avocados, really helps to keep the hair healthy and shiny too.

wash your hair 2-3 times a week only

Obviously this depends on what you’re doing every day, but cutting back on how many times I use shampoo and conditioner on my hair has helped no end. I now wash my hair 3 times a week and the ends of my hair seem fair less dry.

comb wet hair, don’t brush

For a while I would stay away from brushing my hair at all when it’s wet, but if you have those pesky knots, this is the best time to get rid of them. However, using a comb instead of a brush means the hair doesn’t snap and gently works the knots out.

use a low setting for drying

I have to say it’s not often I have time to blowdry my hair, but there was a time when I used to blowdry almost every day. It really helps easing off the intense heat to avoid the hair snapping and getting too dry.

Have you noticed a difference in your hair since having children? I’d love to know your top tips for taking care of you hair too!

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