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Time for a Little Break

Tomorrow we fly to Ireland for a week to see my other half’s family and I can’t wait. All four of us are going and James in particular is looking forward to showing Emma where his Dad grew up. As you may have read earlier this week, I’m quite daunted about the prospect of flying with Emma for the first time but so excited too! She seems to be a good traveller and I’m sure she’ll love the open space at her grandparents’ house to run around to her heart’s content.

In terms of my blog, the plan was to take a break from it. Six days to switch off and spend time with my family, it’s surely a no brainer. But as we approach the departure date, I have started to feel that slight uneasiness at leaving my blog for a week…filling it with a whole lot of nothingness. It makes me worry that people will just forget that I exist – that they won’t return to read it when I’m back. That old blogger’s guilt popping up to say hello again! Then the realisation hit me, I am a bit addicted to this blog and scared to switch off for fear of losing the momentum I have to write. I don’t like feeling like this, as I always wanted it to be a balanced outlet for me, but it’s obviously turned into something more than that.

Time for a break, image is a sandy beach with a stack of books and sunglasses on top

I love writing my blog, it’s my little escapism during the day and although I’ve only been doing it for 4 months, it’s become such a huge passion…something I never expected. When I started writing about our adventures to the park together, it was almost like getting blood from a stone as I tried to work those brain cells that had become a bit mushy over my maternity leave! Now it flows fairly effortlessly and the struggle is something slightly different. It seems to be all about finding that balance with it, and not getting too bogged down to stats, followers and comments.

Aside from whether I’ll be forgotten over the course of 6 days (when everyone else is probably also on holiday anyway!), I know that I need this break and time with my family. My other half has been working so hard lately and it’s great to be able to spend a bit of time together away from the household chores and those little things around the house that we really must fix but haven’t got round to yet! And what’s more, whether I like it or not, there’s no wi-fi at my in laws and hardly any mobile phone signal. Sadly, that’s the only way to get me to switch off from social media. We had a holiday a few years back without any connection and once we come to terms to feeling like we had lost a limb by not being able to access our emails, it was the most magical holiday of our lives.

So off we go on a little family holiday, our first as a family of four (which is very special indeed). I’m hoping for a bit of nice weather but am warned by both the boys that it sure can rain in Ireland and if that happens, we’ll be heading straight for the bowling alley haha. Hope you have a fantastic week whatever you’re doing and see you on the other side…

Image of girl swimming with 'offline break' text


  1. August 17, 2016 / 7:07 am

    Well said my lovely! Have the most brilliant break and of course we’ll be here when you’re back, who could forget you Xx

  2. August 17, 2016 / 4:52 pm

    Have a lovely break. We set off on Sunday and my thoughts are practically identical to yours. For my sake and the sake of Rich and the kids I need to just drop everything blogging and social media and have a complete break. I’m definitely ready for one. I’ll still be waiting to read what you have to say when you get back!

    I will probably be writing a very similar post in a few days, setting some automatic things to happen when I’m gone but its a sorry state of affairs if I can’t just leave it all behind for a week and enjoy being with my family because I love my family more than blogs and social media!!

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