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Who’s Your Superhero?

This week is Superhero Week at Emma’s nursery. I’m not sure if it is a nationwide campaign but the children have been enjoying dressing up as their favourite character. The truth be told, I sort of dread the dressing up days as I’m not exactly a costume maker…in fact when it was doctors and nurses day, I believe she went to nursery in just a white shirt! But in the spirit of embracing the campaign, I thought it was a good excuse to talk to Emma a bit about who she feels her Superhero is.

what is the superhero campaign?

Giving it a closer look, there are superhero campaigns taking place all over the world and it’s a way to encourage pre-schoolers to think about who the heroes in their life are. Sometimes it’s not always Batman, Superman or Ana/Elsa…but someone a little closer to home. That might sound super cheesy but I think it’s a lovely idea to start those conversations about our family and what it means to Emma. We already spend lots of time drawing together, where we draw our entire family almost every morning.

As Emma’s speech has started to develop quickly, I’ve been enjoying having these chats with her everyone around us and what it means to her. She always pauses before replying to me and I can tell she likes to take her time considering how she is going to answer. Just the other day I realised that we are at a really fun stage of her development where she can tell me more and more; that frustration at not being able to communicate and convey what she wants to say is slowly melting away.

so who is emma’s superhero?

Who does Emma love? Aside from family, she adores Bing, Peppa Pig and her giant cuddly toy Dudley The Dog. Bing in particular brings her so much comfort as she has watched the show since she was young, and our house seems to have quite a bit of Bing memorabilia. But there’s no doubt that her hero is her brother, James. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a different side to their relationship and they really are the best of friends.

Having an older brother to look out for you is something so special and I can see from the look in her eye that she just worships him. She’s the first one to want to kick the football because it’s something that James loves too – she genuinely looks up to him. I’m not sure how we would dress up as her older brother, but he would definitely be Emma’s superhero ahead of some of the more traditional ones.

Superhero Week is taking place in Sussex nurseries from 11th – 15th September 2017 for those happy to take part and I’d love to know if you have been asked to as well and what your little ones chose. It’s certainly made me realise that superheroes are often closer to home and people who you absolutely couldn’t be without!


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