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My Home Office :: Where Do I Blog?

This is a collaborative post

It’s been a few months that I’ve been working full-time from home, and it’s time for a change. Time for a home office!

Until now, I’ve been blogging from the armchair in my living room, which is far from perfect. My back often aches at the end of the day from slumping over my laptop – it’s been a long time coming but I’ve been setting the wheels in motion to create my own little space just for work.

What people don’t tell you about working from home, is the struggle to separate work time with having a little break…especially when you’re attempting to work from your living room! I have found setting those boundaries the hard part and thought that creating my own home office would be a big improvement. But where do I begin? I knew I wanted a space just for me with contemporary office furniture that still feels personal to me. Somewhere that inspires me and reminds me how far I’ve come and what I’m trying to achieve on that particular day. So I headed over to ask some of my fellow bloggers where they blog for a little inspiration:

Victoria from Lylia Rose shared her fresh workspace and says “I love it because it’s clean and minimal. It’s my blank canvas ready for my creative ideas”. I particularly love the copper star and would really like something similar!

Sam from Porridge and Parenting has a copper, grey and bamboo theme for her office, which I think complement each other perfectly. I love the inspirational quotes framed on the wall too – something to help me stay on track during the day.

Karina from Mum’s The Nerd also has a bright and fresh office space, and says “I’m happy to spend hours in there working, whereas before I was sat in the living room with lots of distractions”. This sounds like me completely and I hope the change will help me be more focused!

Emma from Island Living 365 has created such a personal space for herself that has really inspired me. As she explains, “There is also a photo of me and my oldest daughter to remind me why I am trying to carve this career out for myself and a seating area where I can go and sit if writer’s block strikes. Finally, some funky prints of Jersey for a bit of colour and to remind me how lucky I am to live somewhere so beautiful”.

my workspace

So with all this in mind, what are my top picks for my own space? First and foremost, an comfy chair to help with my achey back. I never used to pay much attention to what chair I sat in, but it most certainly makes a big difference and adds to the list of reasons that I’m getting older!

A desk with plenty of space is so important to me, and I’m loving the crisp, white Ikea desks as featured above – kept minimalist to help me stay motivated. I’m also a big fan of quotes and will be printing off some of my favourites to inspire me and remind me why my work is important to me. It’s also my way of putting my own stamp on my little corner of the house, just for me.

I’m beyond excited to break out from the armchair and start creating my home office – an exciting little project for the summer!


  1. August 10, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    Love all of these work spaces so excited to see how yours comes along! Nice to have a separate space dor you and work away from the living and playing area of the house.

  2. lyliarose
    August 10, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    Ooh enjoy creating your work space, it’s so fun 🙂 Thanks for the feature!

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