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Moving House with A Baby :: Our Story

This is a collaborative post

When Emma was 2 months old, we moved into our new house. Our story is similar to so many others: we lived in a 2 bedroom flat, but knew we needed more space. I guess everyone feels they need more space but we could see that we were on borrowed time. As soon as Emma was big enough to need her own room, we would sadly have run out of rooms to give her! So the hunt for that perfect property was ahead of us…

the big move

We started our search early as I wanted to be settled in the new place before Emma’s due date. What I didn’t realise was how long-winded the process of buying and selling a house can be. We had been trying to avoid moving house with a baby in tow, but it wasn’t meant to be. We were also keen both Emma and my stepson, who was 11 years old at the time were happy with the move, and that it was a seamless transition. For James, the flat was a place he had shared so many memories with his Dad. For me, it was where I first got to know James. The hours we spent on the sofa, watching Takeshi’s Castle and eating Haribo in secret. It felt a bit sad to let go of it, if I’m honest. But the upside was that it was a new beginning for the four of us and I was excited to get settled in.

how did we do it?

My other half was the fountain of knowledge that I leaned upon during the move, as I had no experience of it, having always rented in the past. The list of things to do was huge and with a newborn by our side, it wasn’t as easy as just grabbing the boxes and starting to pack. So how did we do it? Is there anything we would do differently next time?

-Have a ‘to-do’ list :: from making sure the solicitor had sent the letter to the bank, to buying empty boxes, all the way to putting our clothes into order; having a list of things we needed to get done was essential.

-Time to spring clean :: this is something I am awful at and wish we had done better! Now that you’re moving out, it’s the perfect time to get rid of the piles of paperwork that you really don’t need. We did this half-heartedly and still have those same boxes in our house today. It’s worth doing before you move, and is less to unpack on the other end!

-Hire a man and van :: during moving day, we couldn’t have done it without the man and van service. There are lots of companies, such as Shiply, who will do the heavy lifting for you. Even though we were only moving round the corner, it just made life so much easier.

-Split the duties :: one of the things that helped us was to split up where we could. With the packing, my other half would pack for an hour or so and then we’d swap. On the day of the move, I took Emma to my parents for the day so we didn’t have the extra layer of looking after our baby in the sunshine. It’s sods law that you always end up moving in extreme heat or torrential rain!

-Expect the unexpected :: for some people, it goes seamlessly – the estate agent receives the deposit, the paperwork is a-ok. Unfortunately for us (and others I’ve spoken to), you’re left with a couple of hours before you can get the keys. It can be a huge problem but there’s nothing much you can do about it. My other half managed to pay the man and van service for a couple of extra hours while everything was ironed out and we were able to get into our new house.

a home that’s just ours

It goes without saying that there are always a few hiccups along the way, but we couldn’t have done it without some help to physically move our things. Since then, we’ve been getting settled into our new home and I feel so happy to have somewhere that’s just for the four of us. It’s hard to imagine that Emma lived in another place before we moved house, as we already have mountains of memories here. Looking back now, we needn’t have been so worried about embarking on moving house with a baby, as it all worked out in the end.


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  1. August 5, 2017 / 10:23 pm

    Aw that’s great Hun!! Well done on it working out brilliantly! Me and my husband also lives in a 2 bed flat (but just the 2 of us) and our baby is due in Novemeber. We were desperately trying to find a house, but soon realise it could be a much longer wait and would seem rushed to get it all done before the baby comes! So we are staying in the flat at least until baby comes and maybe for a few months after- we’ll take our time looking for somewhere perfect. No good rushing xx thanks for sharing your story seems so similar to us x

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