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Little Things That Mean A Lot

Yesterday was my birthday and the first since I’ve become a mum.

*Technically I had one last year too, but at that point Emma was 2 weeks old and my birthday was a haze of grabbing as much sleep as possible, cluster feeding like crazy,  and wondering if I was doing ok as a mum.

Birthdays as a mum feel totally different. There’s no build up to it where I count down the days til my birthday with my work colleagues, and get my organisation hat for a big night out. In some ways it felt like just another day, but in other ways it was so special – to look back over the past year and how far we’ve come is pretty incredible. I’m fiercely proud of our little family, becoming more confident as a unit and saying bye bye to those niggling self-doubt feelings I was consumed by last year. It was these little things that made this year’s birthday unforgettable.

little things

-Weekend Fun. Relaxing and enjoying lazy times with my other half. Late brunches, followed by a bit of birthday shopping and an afternoon nap. Pure bliss…I’m definitely a fan of extending the birthday into a full weekend.

-Birthday Date Night! It’s funny when I think back to how much we used to go out for dinner before – I never really appreciated it as much as I do now. We went for cocktails and sushi and my favourite restaurant and just talked through everything.

-Cards. I absolutely love cards, and my other half often jokes that they’re more important to me than the present itself! That’s not true, of course!

-Cake. This meant a lot to me, and I know it sounds a bit silly. But being surprised with a beautiful chocolate cake and lots of candles to blow out made me feel so special.

-Family. On my birthday morning, my mum came down to spend the day with me, closely followed by my brother and dad. I know how busy everyone is and it touched my heart that everyone had moved heaven and earth to be in Brighton with me.

-Facebook Messages. I love social media for this, to receive messages from people you’ve lost touch with, or just not spoken to in ages because life is busy busy – that makes for a pretty special birthday surprise.


These little things got me thinking…I’m not one for resolutions; as soon as I make them I break them! But as I enter another year of adulting, I’m going to try to think of a few little things here and there to brighten up my family’s day because it’s those thoughtful things that totally transformed my day.

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  1. May 11, 2016 / 12:01 pm

    Happy birthday and happy (first time) mother’s day!
    It’s really the little things that matter most. 🙂

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