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Has She Slept Through Yet?

This is a collaborative post with Velux

It’s the question on everyone’s lips and has been for many months now: “has she slept through yet?” The answer is either a disappointed bow of the head on a bad day, and if I’m feeling sunnier, a little quip about how sleep deprived we continue to be. It’s an ongoing challenge to balance everything right so that Emma sleeps through and although we haven’t quite made it yet – I’ve started to put a few things in place to make this happen. Soon. Please!


There are of course the obvious ones such as food – ensure she has had 3 decent meals in the day, which is far easier said than done but we are getting there. Next up is at least a couple of hours of sleep in the bank. While the theory should be that she is more tired when she has had less rest during the day, we all know that it simply does not work that way. I’m not as militant as I used to be with these things but I do try, because at the end of the day…when it works and we get to sleep for a little longer, life is pretty damn good.

The final thing though that I haven’t spoken about before is the wonder of blackout blinds. My introduction to blackout blinds came in 2010, when I first rented my own flat and lived on the 4th floor, with beautiful cream curtains that let in every ray of sunlight. It was beautiful by day, but excruciating at 5am as the sun beamed in and started my day extra early. Note, this was pre-baby so I was far less accustomed to being woken before 8am! I never realised what an effect the lack of sleep was having on me. My other half suggested I try blackout blinds and my world was transformed. My room was converted into an amazing retreat for me to rest after a day’s work and I loved it. Nowadays, it is a staple in our bedroom and we even pinned up blackout material in our new home on those first few nights.


Recently, as we have been decorating Emma’s new room, so we invested in a blackout blind for her – we bought this Little Home by John Lewis Elephant one, which has a bright design and follows the unintentional elephant theme in her room. It also has an easy to use pull down roller and was so easy to install. I love the design and it has been fantastic at keeping the light out so she can sleep for longer. It’s a piece of mind that even if she still wakes up during the night, it isn’t because the sunlight is waking her up!

Inspired by Emma’s blind, I also checked out Velux Blinds Direct‘s website and they have a huge array of designs to chose from. We are particuarly keen on getting them for my stepson’s room as the sun shines on his side of the house first thing! I love the look of the skylight ones below for him and think it would go really well in his room. Velux Blinds Direct has an easy to use website and have mounting brackets included with each order so they are simple to install yourself too. It couldn’t be easier to keep that light out when you need it to!


Image courtesy of Velux Blinds Direct


Image courtesy of Velux Blinds Direct


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  1. November 4, 2016 / 3:22 pm

    That’s such a pretty blind! They’re amazing. Our old nursery room used to have a navy blue blind which you’d assume would keep it pretty dark, but it didn’t at all. We invested in a blackout blind which actually has a white background and bright pattern but it’s like magic at keeping it lovely and dark. Little steps towards the elusive full night sleep hey?! Xxx

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