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How to Energise Yourself In Winter

At this time of year, I always notice the change with less natural light each day – every day it gets darker earlier and starts to affect my mood. Over the past few weeks, we haven’t been seeing too much in the way of sun in Brighton, so I am looking for ways to brighten up the house a bit and wondered if anyone else is thinking of doing the same. So I’ve been having a think of the little things you can do to brighten up your home and keep energised throughout winter, and wold love to share them with you too.

positive pictures to brighten your mood

This year I’ve been making an effort to frame some of our favourite pictures as well as buying some canvas pictures too that mean something to us as a family. We have a beautiful canvas grid of 9 pictures of Emma, taken when she was very young. Even though she was only 9 weeks old at the time, it shows her personality to a tee! I love this idea of selecting your favourite holiday pictures and memories and having them printed off to display in one of the rooms. It’s so easy to do and always cheers me up to look at those pictures throughout the day.

making the most of natural light

It’s so important to make the most of natural light where you can. Natural light may only be for a 6 hours a day, but you can pull your curtains back as far as they go. We have dark curtains in our house so we have been using curtain ties to make sure every ray of light makes its way in! Also, if you can hang a mirror,  it captures the light from the window and reflects it back into the room…creating the effect of more light than there is.

getting clever with indoor lighting

I had never really thought of it before, but if you’re clever with indoor lighting, it can make a real difference. We have several tall lamps in the corner of each room which set the ambience for the room, even when it’s near pitch black outside. It’s also really handy when I’m working into late afternoon and it begins to get dark as my eyes don’t get too strained.

create an outdoor space

Creating an outdoor space in your garden, where you can go no matter what the weather is such a brilliant idea. We have decorated ours with tealights and candles and it’s the perfect breakout space in the early evening. It also means we have an extra excuse to be outdoors before dinnertime, as it can be tempting to stay indoors for the entire day in those gloomy winter months!

Hope you enjoyed my ideas for energising yourself in winter, do you have any ideas you use in the winter months?


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