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Celebrating Mamas All Year Round

Now that Mother’s Day in the UK has passed, my daughter turned to me the other day and told me it is Mother’s Day today. I explained to her that it has already been and we have to wait another year, to which she said ‘why?’. This is a pretty standard response to most things we tell her but it got me thinking that she has a point. Why is it that we wait until a certain day in the year to celebrate the mothers, fathers in our lives?

It was only this year that I realised how much Mother’s Day means to me; for years it was just a day to be with my mum and to remind her what she means to us. But these days, it’s the fact that as well as a mum, I’m also a step-mum and we also want to celebrate Emma’s grandma – these special relationships in all our lives. It got me quite emotional this time round and was really a day I enjoyed.

For us, we decided to go to The Grand in Brighton for a 3 course meal, with all three generations and that meant a lot. It was just a meal, but to be together was special, as life is often incredibly busy and we don’t always get a chance to savour the time together. After all, every mother deserves the best whether it is beautiful, hand-crafted bouquet of flowers or a gift that you just know she’ll enjoy and love.

At Emma’s nursery, Mother’s Day is such an important time and she spent a week or two putting together a gorgeous mini-bouquet of flowers for me. Each petal was actually a painted handprint of her hand and is proudly hung up in our kitchen. As a mother of a young toddler, I cherish these things and am currently keeping every single thing, although I’m well aware soon we’ll run out of space! It’s that personal touch that really makes my heart sing, and I always try to make my presents personal and thoughtful when it comes to buying things for my mum.

So this year, I’ve made a vow to myself to enjoy the little moments a bit more with my parents. Whether it’s a meal together when we get the chance, or celebrating milestones together over a glass of champagne – it’s those occasions that stick in your mind and I feel like it’s creating longlasting memories together. And I can only hope that in years to come, my daughter will want to do the same.

How did you celebrate your Mother’s Day? I’d love to know in the comments below whether you feel the same about celebrating time together and if it’s important to you too.


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