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Bye January!

Well, just like that another month has gone by in a flash and we are inching closer and closer to Spring. January has never been a month I am particularly fond of…I’ve invariably over-indulged at Christmas, I’m broke and everyone seems to be doing Dry January or start the latest health or diet regime. I always find it a bit miserable and this time round, it was made even worse by the fact that our whole house fell ill for some of the month. Poor Emma had conjunctivitis, which she then passed onto me. My other half got off scot-free, but then caught man flu just for himself. So I’m very pleased to see February arrive!

But it’s not all been doom and gloom and the start of the new year feels like a good one. There’s also been loads going on, so much so that I completely forgot to do a little round-up in November and December ooops.  But now I’m back, creating a little list of happy things from the month. 

On The Blog

A bit more focus. While I love my blog as it is, I did some thinking over the Christmas weeks and decided to start a little section all for UK travel and days out. I really enjoy taking photos of the landscape around us, as you’ll notice from my Instagram account, and already I’ve fallen a little bit in love with recording our days out. I have also committed to starting a blog course with the fabulous Aby from You Baby Me Mummy and looking forward to getting started this week.

Instagram. For a while, I’ve not really *got* Instagram and was just letting it sit there not doing a lot. But this month I’ve really made an effort to improve my photography and most importantly engage a bit more. Thanks to a few very talented bloggers in the know who have been helping me, it seems to be clicking into place and my following is now progressing nicely. 

#DreamTeam linky. Oh I love running the #DreamTeam linky. I’ve been hosting it with Annette from 3 Little Buttons and now Dawn from Rhyming with Wine too for 20 weeks and it’s so wonderful building our little community. This week we had over 100 link ups, which is just bonkers. Plus as an added bonus, I’ve met two bloggers who are just so lovely and supportive, I feel super lucky.

Brave publishing. This month, I bit the bullet and wrote something I have been wanting to write about for a very long time. I find it a strange one having a blog because you have to find that boundary over what you are comfortable sharing and I just wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. But the post, which took so little time to write as the words practically vomitted onto the page, was really well received.

At Home

Chinese New Year. Last week it was Chinese New Year and it was lovely to celebrate with my Mum and enjoy the time together. Emma is still a bit young to understand the traditions but I love that she receives a little red packet with money..she’ll appreciate it big time when she’s older!

Emma started singing. I have a feeling every month I’ll write something like this, but the cutest thing this month was hearing Emma sing when I sing Twinkle Twinkle or Wind The Bobbin Up. She even sways from side to side…just gorgeous. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m just besotted with my little girl and it’s just wonderful to see all these developments week by week.

Enjoying work. It sounds a bit trivial but I’m so happy about this. I returned back to work slightly unexpectedly in January and I’ve just been enjoying it so much more. Those first couple of months were tough, as I basically felt like my brain was about 10% slower than it should be, and it got me down. But now everything seems that bit easier, which is great!

Things to Look Forward to

Brand collaborations. Since I’ve been back at work, I haven’t been pushing too much to work with brands, largely because I had so much less time to spend on my blog as my mind was diverted to settling back in at work. But this month, with the travel side of my blog starting up, I’ve received some exciting offers that I hope to share with you soon!

Date night yaaaay. I can’t be the only that falls behind on this one, but we realised over Christmas that we only went out together two nights last year. The WHOLE year. Yikes! We do spend a lot of time watching dramas together on TV but have made a vow to spend some quality time together and I can’t wait.

Holidays in the diary. I love having things to look forward to and we’ve been plotting this month on where we would go for our next holiday. I’ve been thinking of a sunny holiday in France or Spain with a few sporting activities closeby. So watch this space, fingers crossed we can get a beachside week of fun factored in.

Family time. My sister is coming over next week to visit, which is just super exciting. She usually works abroad so time together is incredibly special. I can’t wait to spend some time together before she has to go away again.

So that was January in a nutshell – not so bad after all eh?! And I’m sure there’ll be lots more excitement to come over the next month too. Have you got any big plans for February?


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  1. February 2, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Aw thank you for the mention lovely! I’m absolutely loving being a part of the #DreamTeam party and the two of you have made me feel so very welcome. Here’s to a brilliant February! Big bloggy hugs xx

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