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5 Ways We’re Renovating Our Home

This is a collaborative post

Almost three years ago, we moved into our house and we’re only just getting round to decorating and making it more like the home we had imagined it to be. I suppose that comes with the territory when you have a toddler, sleep deprivation and other things come to the forefront. Over the past month, we’ve been looking into little ways we can put our own stamp on our little home.

I’ve been making little five little changes to our home, all at minimal cost and have been really pleased with how they’ve changed the feel of where we live. Plus with both myself and my partner working from home, it feels even more important to make our home somewhere we really enjoy to be.

Changes to Emma’s Room

One of my slight regrets with Emma’s room is that I didn’t decorate it prior to her birth. I told myself I would get round to it but life is so busy and something always gets in the way. So we’ve finally managed to start decorating her room and were lucky to be gifted a Betsy Benn personalised print with our family story. We’ve also put up a little book shelf with her favourite books to read before bedtime and I have noticed that she loves playing in her room now.

A little detail that I love: the giraffe bookshelves are actually mine from when I was a little girl; handing these down to Emma has been so special.

A Living Room That Is Truly ‘Us’

When I started thinking of how I’d like to renovate our home, I knew I wanted to do quite a lot to the living room. At the moment, it can feel over-run with toddler paraphenalia – plastic toys everywhere and little bits of play doh squished into the floor. So for Christmas, I bought my partner a personalised frame with 35 pictures from the past year. 2017 really was the year I got obsessed with photography so there was plenty to choose from but I’m glad I did it, as Emma looks up at the pictures and tells us all “that’s me, you and Daddy” “that’s me and Mummy”.

I’ve always been quite hopeless at printing out photos, and they forever stay on my phone or laptop. It means so much to have our memories printed out, as a reminder of those happy moments together.

Little Touches to the Master Bedroom

As I expected, our room was always going to be last to be decorated (how times change hey!) but I’ve made a few changes to the master bedroom that I love. I bought a brand new duvet set from John Lewis with geometric grey and yellow print. Plus I bought a set of LED light grey and yellow baubles from an independent shop in Brighton Laines, which gives it such a homely feel.

Our bedroom used to be somewhere I just came to sleep but lately I love relaxing there with a book, so these little changes feel like they are well worth it.

Landscaping The Garden

We always knew this would be the big problem with our house, as we live on a hill and all the gardens on our street have steep hills. It’s a beautiful space but completely child un-friendly so needed a lot of work, which is still in progress now! We’ve had to give the child safety aspect of our garden plans a lot of thought and our landscape gardener is putting in small steps to even out the steep gradient.

I’m so looking forward to seeing our garden once it is all finished so we can enjoy to the Spring and Summer days outside! It will also be so handy so we don’t have to keep going to the park twice a day – hopefully it will be somewhere we can all enjoy together.

Making The Office Space Work

I can’t tell you the difference this has made to my working life. To have a space dedicated for me to do my work, with motivational quotes on the wall – it’s my dream corner of the house! It has done wonders for my productivity and made me much more organised than I was last year. It didn’t take long to set up either, and it means that I can work while I’m there and just close the laptop and walk away when I’m finished for the day.

I’d love to know if you have any DIY or renovation stories, little ways you have transformed your house. Do let me know in the comments below as I always find it inspiring hearing others’ home ideas!



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