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3 Signs That You Have Too Much Stuff

Pretty much all of us have a disease. Your doctor won’t be able to diagnose it. Even your homeopath won’t be able to diagnose it. The disease is called consumerism and most of us are so riddled with it that we are actually convinced that it makes us happy even though it’s ruinous to our household finances, buries us under mountains of debt and more often than not leaves us feeling guilty, empty and miserable. Symptoms include taking our kids shopping on a sunny Saturday afternoon instead of taking them on a fun adventure, burning through credit cards, and sitting in a cluttered home wondering just where all this stuff comes from. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have nice things, and if some of your possessions genuinely enrich your life, you should keep hold of them. But we should never lose sight of what’s really important (i.e. family, friendship and love) in the pursuit of more and more… stuff.

Here are some signs that you have too much stuff and the clutter that it creates is likely negatively affecting your quality of life. Rid yourself of it and use the money on something that’s really important like spending fun times with your significant other and your kids…

You have several expensive devices… For doing the exact same thing

Technological gadgetry is super cool and a lot of fun, but in our efforts to be at the bleeding edge of the technological revolution we can find ourselves spending an absolute fortune on cool devices and upgrading every few years, resulting in a proliferation of unused tech that lies gathering dust. If, for example you have a Kindle Fire, an iPad and a Galaxy tab do you really need them all? Get yourself down to Rapid phone buyer and click on Sell my iPad. You’ll get the best possible market rates and same day payment.

You have TVs in rooms where you never watch TV

Gathering around the TV with the family to watch a film or a few episodes of your favourite TV program can be as lot of fun and a nice way to bond (especially if lots of delicious homemade snacks are also on the cards). Vut many of us are plagued by a strange sense of commodity fetishism when it comes to TVs. Many of us feel the need to put them in every room that can accommodate one, even if TV is never watched in that room. While we’re on the subject, do your kids really need a TV in their room?

You spend more time cleaning the stuff that you have than actually using it

Anything that reduces the time you spend on household chores should be embraced. Think about all the furniture in your home. How much of it actually sees action and how much of it is there just to look pretty? If you have coffee tables, armchairs, ottomans or other articles of furniture that serve no purpose other than taking up space, they could net you a pretty penny and give you a little more precious free time!


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