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My Spring Wardrobe Wish List

This is a collaborative post with Esprit

Lately something has shifted and I’ve been a lot more interested in a new wardrobe after months (read: years!) of just grabbing the nearest pair of jeans to wear. I suppose it’s because Emma’s sleep has improved over the past few months – don’t get me wrong, it’s nowhere near what you’d calling ‘sleeping through’ but the extra rest has transformed me slightly!

With this in mind, I’ve been doing a little online window shopping and have found a few pieces that I adore and look perfect for the (hopefully) sunny months to come. The first is this day dress from Esprit – I love pastel pink with the black, it’s one of my favourite colour combinations. I also thought it would look great during the day, or dressed up with some heels in the evening:

I’ve always been a big fan of Topshop as I’ve got a bit of a Leigh jeans obsession going on, so having a little peek at their latest collection was something I just had to do. I’ve been loving their jumpsuits at the moment and have my eye on the one below. This one is by Native Youth and I just love the material – it looks like it might be forgiving with my mum tum too!

When it comes to coats, I’m terrible for only wearing dark colours and it was a small resolution of mine to step away from that and embrace the colour. So when I saw this wool blend pale pink coat from H&M, I thought it would look great I do still find it slightly nerve-wrecking wearing brighter colours for some reason, but I might give it a go!

My last pick comes from Esprit again and is a beautiful black dress that I thought would suit evenings out perfectly. The sleeves are chiffon and the fit of the dress looks perfect. I’m always drawn to black dresses so this one from Esprit¬†caught my eye immediately. It does however mean that I need to get a bit more organised and actually organise nights out, but I’m ready for that challenge.

I’m getting very excited for springtime coming up, as it feels as though winter has been going on for ages. Particularly down by the seaside, it just makes all the difference seeing the sun shining and being able to put the heavy, winter coats away. It also means we’re all more likely to be able to have ice-creams by the beach and not have to worry about the weather changing suddenly…all the best bits of summer.

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