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A Maxi Dress For Summer

I’ve always been in awe of people who can pull off a maxi dress – as a vertically challenged girl, I don’t think I can! But everyone loves a maxi dress, right? I think they look brilliant – cool, comfortable and always look fresh and summery. Even at eight months pregnant, you can still look more or less human throughout the summer months in a maxi dress.

The other great thing about them is that you do not have to pay a vast fortune to buy something new and fashionable for the summer – just see this range from JD Williams for some inspiration. However choosing a maxi dress is not quite as simple as seeing a colour and style in a magazine and knowing it will fit you too.

Not every maxi is going to look perfect on every body type, so you need to dress for your body type – something I’ve never been too good at! But using these tips, it’s not as hard as it looks:

for the petite figure

Maxi means big, and is a style that naturally favours curvier figures. But that doesn’t mean a petite figure can’t wear them too. But you have choose to wisely, or people might be tempted to call in the coastguard to save you from drowning!

Go for a fit that hugs your form to avoid that “peeping out through the top or a wigwam” look. Something with a plunging neckline is ideal, as it really serves to elongate your body.

If you are concerned that it is going to drag along the floor, you can always pair it up with a set of heels.

It’s important to think about colour too – prints aren’t out of bounds, but don’t go for anything too bold, and look for a pattern that is small, but perfectly formed – just like you!

for the curvier figure

Many plus sized women prefer long dresses and a great tip when making a choice is to look at the straps, as thicker ones can be more flattering.

It’s important to look at the print too, as a larger print can actually work well with a fuller figure. As long as it keeps you in proportion, there’s no reason it can’t be flattering. Just because you are a little more curvy, don’t think you need to hide yourself in a tent. A closely fitting dress can still look great, but just make sure you choose a fabric that sits well and is not too clingy.

I was so pleased to hear that a maxi dress might not be impossible for me – it’s definitely one I’m going to try with the summer weather round the corner! Do you often wear a maxi dress?

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