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Leggings We Love :: Lamb and Bear

Over the past few weeks, something has come over us as a family and we’re decluttering the entire house. We’ve been donating furniture to other families, spring cleaning and going through our wardrobes with a ruthless ‘if you don’t love it, bin it’ frame of mind. What I didn’t realise was the tall order it would be to declutter Emma’s wardrobe – she definitely has the biggest wardrobe of all four of us and I found myself clinging onto a few items we loved to dress her in.

Around 9 months ago, I stumbled across Lamb and Bear Wear and fell in love with the leggings. As a animal-obsessed girl, Emma got super excited when I bought her a pair of purple dinosaur leggings and another pair of maroon penguins. They fast became her favourite thing to wear and she got so upset when she had a growth spurt and they no longer fit.

So when the lovely Alex from Lamb and Bear Wear asked us if we’d review a pair of navy leopard print leggings, I knew it would make Emma’s day. What I love about the leggings is that they are true to size for us, so I know I can just order exactly the age Emma is. I’ve found that frustrating in the past, spending money on new clothes for her only to find they probably won’t fit for another 6 months or so.


The leggings are also super soft and such good quality – Emma has worn her previous Lamb and Bear leggings to nursery often and they hardly faded at all, which I was so impressed with. It’s lovely to find clothes for her that are a comfy fit; not too tight for her and look stylish too. It means she can climb and explore with no restrictions and it makes life very easy for me when dressing her as she loves to wear them.

It goes without saying that the designs are beautiful. I’m fairly picky when it comes to clothes for Emma but I love the style of all of the designs. The navy leopard print in particular are yellow against navy, which looks so striking. We’ve got our eyes on the flamingo pair too, such a pretty design and who doesn’t love a flamingo?

Huge thanks to Alex at Lamb and Bear Wear for gifting us our pair of navy leopard leggings, we are over the moon with them! You can have a look at all of Alex’s designs at Lamb and Bear’s shop or over on her Instagram feed @lambandbearwear . Although we were gifted these leggings, all views and opinions are my own.

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