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#DreamTeam #79

Hello everyone and welcome back to #DreamTeam linky! Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and are ready for more linky loveliness. If it’s your first time with us, #DreamTeam is hosted by Annette, Dawn and myself and is a little community to share your best post of the week.


We have a fab little community of bloggers who make this linky so special, and a pleasure to run. Thanks everyone! *High fives, all the cake, and Halloween goodies (just not mine or it could be soggy bananas).

Over the last couple of weeks we think there’s been a bit of link dropping happening. This is when a blogger links their post without the badge or text link, and also doesn’t engage with any commenting at all. Whilst we all know that there’s times when commenting is forgotten, link dropping is very different. Often seen as a deliberate attempt to quickly increase stats by taking advantage of a linky community.

If you are new, and doing this by mistake, please don’t worry. We would love you to message us and we can help you out on what’s expected. After all, we’ve all had our own first time linky boo-boos.

If you’re reading this as a link dropper.. please stop *we say politely*. Dreamteam bloggers are not required to comment on or retweet any posts that do not carry the dreamteam badge/text link.

I’ll be back later today to update my featured posts so please come back and have a look!

Bridie By The Sea


So now to the linky! Let’s get linking –

#DreamTeam is a fab place to link up your best posts and also a great place to scout some top blogging action from across the land.

All posts are welcome… epic, adventurous, creative, inspirational and hilarious. There is a place for you. Reviews and popping giveaways are also welcome.


  • #DreamTeam will go live every Tuesday morning from 6am and will close Thursday evening at 9pm.
  • You can link up to 1 post, old or new.


  • Badge up. Please do add the #DreamTeam badge or text link to each post that you link up. You can do this by copying and pasting the badge code into the text/HTML area of your post within your publishing platform.
  • Tweet it. Share your posts on Twitter using the Linky hashtag #DreamTeam and tag in Annette, Dawn and I for retweets using @3_LittleButtons @BridieByTheSea and @rhymingwithwine.
  • Comment. Let’s get this party started. Please comment on one of each of the host’s posts, so that will be one of Annette’s posts, one of Dawn’s posts and one of my posts. Please also comment on the post directly before yours.


  • Finally, it would be really lovely if you could follow, like and subscribe to our social media channels.

Annette, 3 Little Buttons – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube.

Bridget, Bridie By The Sea – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube.

Dawn, Rhyming With Wine – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

Bridie By The Sea
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