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Dear Emma, You’re Almost Three

Dear Emma,

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these letters…I suppose life has been on fast forward lately. For weeks I couldn’t see how much you are growing, until just a few days ago when it became crystal clear to me that you are a little girl now. Independent, feisty, bossy a lot of the time but kind, caring and with such a great sense of humour. Often you make me laugh out loud by saying “don’t go changing, Mummy!” when I put you to bed. Sometimes I see that I need to be lifted out of my day-to-day seriousness and you remind me not to take it all too seriously.

It’s strange for me as your mum to see how you’re developing into your own little person – I sit here in complete denial that you are growing so fast. For me, I still remember you as this little baby who I could lift with one hand – the weight of responsibility that you’re ours and wanting to do everything for you still there. Recently people don’t seem to say how you’re like me or like your dad, because you are completely your own person. You are developing the things you like and don’t like, you have such a strong sense of justice just like your brother and I truly love the person you are becoming.

I suppose lately you’ve been figuring out that not everyone is nice always. That sometimes your friends might push and scratch, they might want to exclude you at times and not be as kind. And I know you’ve seen mummy is not always there to protect you, even though I want to be. This is probably the hardest thing yet as a mum, the realisation that I can’t protect you always, that there are things you have to work out alone. I don’t know what to say except I’m so proud of how you handle yourself and stand up for yourself, that in itself is something I’m so proud of.

So as we approach your third birthday, and I’m as ever a ball of emotion wondering how on earth the time is going so fast…know that you mean the world to us. You will forever be our beautiful little girl – the other half of me that loves adventures in the rain and building sandcastles with stones. Above all, I hope I’m doing okay as your mum – we both know there are tougher days, when mummy is a bit less patient than usual – perhaps because life is busy and there is so much more to remember. Or perhaps because often we’re both tired and our patience runs out.

My dear Emma, as it approaches your third birthday, I hope you know how utterly loved you are by all of us.

Love Mum xxx


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