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Dear Emma, Aged 18 Months

Dear Emma,

I can’t believe you’re officially a toddler now. I’ve been calling you a toddler for months, but now we are really here. My gorgeous girl, my Nosy Parker, a curious busy body who always wants to know more. You run around your Nanny’s house as fast as you can, going from room to room inspecting everything. I watch you trying to work out all the little things, like how to screw on bottle tops and trying to do your own zip up, and I can see those brain cogs going a thousand miles an hour. You want to know it all, and I love that.


The past 2 months have seen you go to nursery and spend more time with your Nanny and Grandpa, as Mummy returned to work. It still breaks my heart leaving you, but I think it’s been a good thing for both of us. I’ve seen that even though you only say a few words, you understand perfectly everything that is going on around you. You know when Mummy is leaving for work and when we have a cuddle and I tell you that I’ll be back at 7pm, you give me a kiss. But when I return after work, it might sound crazy but I can see you growing up at lightning speed. You seem older to me when I see you again, my beautiful little lady.

You love shoes and organisation. The ultimate is organising shoes! You have fun pairing up the shoes at Nanny’s house and feel so proud of yourself when you have managed it. I think the reason you love your shoes and wellies so much is because of your love of the outdoors. There’s nothing better than going to the park, or to the garden to explore a little. We’ve taught you to be gentle with flowers, which I can tell is against your nature to not yank the flowers off completely, but it’s so lovely seeing you give them a little pat!

The past couple of months have shown us how much you adore your big brother. We always knew you loved him, but now we see that you miss him when he’s not with us. I love that one of your first words was “Jeh Jeh” (for James) and you often point to his school picture and say his name…so we put the picture in your hands and you give him a kiss. The bond you both have is like nothing else and seeing you together giggling at James’ jokes makes me so happy.



People always told me that time flies with children…blink and you’ll miss it. I never really believed it until now – it seems like yesterday you were this tiny baby I could lift with one hand. In fact the nurse in the postnatal ward would tell me off for lifting you after my c-section, but you were as light as a feather. Those first months seemed to go so slowly and then suddenly our life is on fast forward, with every moment going faster than ever. I want to remember it all, every single moment because I know that I might blink again and you’ll be going to school already.

Sometimes it’s not all sunny and rosy though and we have testing¬†days. Often you refuse to eat anything at dinner time, and get really cross when you are tired or can’t have your way. I love your spirit and never want you to lose that, but it makes me so frustrated to see you like this. We try and make sure you are happy, but the fact is you can’t have your own way all the time and these boundaries are important. I know one day you’ll understand that.

So my beautiful toddler, here’s to another few months and I want you to know how proud I am of you. Every time you come back from nursery, you have learned something new and I see you blossoming in front of my eyes. I hope you know that you are my world. Keep being curious and discovering every tiny thing you clap your eyes on, my love – the world is your oyster.

Love, Mum xxx



  1. Anita McGrath
    October 24, 2016 / 1:54 pm

    Such a wonderful letter to an 18 – month toddler. It will make the most compelling reading for her when she turns 18! Emma, you are a very lucky girl to be daughter of such an understanding and brilliant Mum.

  2. October 25, 2016 / 10:56 am

    Aaaaah this is such a lovely letter, had me a bit choked up! I love the idea of Emma patting the flowers. She’s a special little lady alright xxx

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