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New Rides at Peppa Pig World :: Grand Preview Event

On Friday we had the pleasure to be invited to Paultons Park to test drive two new rides that are launching today at Peppa Pig World. It goes without saying that Emma was super excited, as we had never been to Peppa Pig World before and, as Emma puts it – we will get to meet ‘actual’ Peppa and George. The two new rides are Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club (a water ride) and the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride (a monorail) and we were very excited to try them out!

As we had a look around, I was impressed how big it was – I’m not sure what I expected but as the main part of Paultons Park has so many funfair rides, a big water drop-slide as well as a splashpark area for toddlers, I knew it would be the perfect place to bring both James and Emma. It’s quite rare that we can find somewhere both of them will enjoy, with a 12 year age gap. After walking through Paultons Park, we headed towards Peppa Pig World and Emma was instantly in heaven. There were several Peppa Pig themed rides to choose from, with all her favourite characters.

The rides in Peppa Pig World vary from walking through Peppa’s house and Madame Gazelle’s Playgroup (both of which Emma loved) to bigger scale rides such as Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride and Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight. Emma’s favourite was George’s Dinosaur Adventure and Daddy Pig’s Car Ride and it was so lovely seeing her beaming with excitement as we’d never really been on so many rides before.

At the rear of Peppa Pig World, we were very lucky to get to see the two new rides and have a little go on them before they opened to the public a few days afterwards. Both rides I thought were really excited for toddlers and young children – Grampy Pig’s Sailing Club was a fun water ride, where you float along the water and see all your favourite Peppa Pig characters having a picnic together.

We spent the day in Peppa Pig World and afterwards, we went to Paultons Park to enjoy a couple of rides for smaller toddlers. Emma loved being able to ride these ones on her own – our little independent lady adores being able to it all on her own! It was the perfect way to end a gorgeous day together and at the end of it, Emma assured me that it was her best day ever. It was a brilliant day out and although a couple of hours from Brighton, well worth the trip and I hope we’ll be back soon!


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